January 28, 2011

Rename Bridge to Honor All Veterans

The City of Lockport is absolutely right in not agreeing to name a city bridge after fallen soldier Spc. Albert R. Jex. As the story states, the family of Jex is hoping that the bridge that crosses the Erie Canal at Stevens and High streets be named after her son.

The story of Jex is very sad. I've followed it since Albert's death, and I can't begin to fathom the pain that his family and friends have suffered. Their intentions are truly honorable, but the concern of city officials of the precedent that the bridge naming would set are legitimate.

Sadly, over one million soldiers have died serving our country; thousands from right here in Western New York. Every soldier came from some town; lived on some street. It would be virtually impossible to name a piece of public property after every soldier who's ever died in combat.

What the city could consider doing is naming the currently unnamed bridge the Veterans Memorial Bridge and place a plaque on or near the bridge listing each of the soldiers from the community who have made the ultimate sacrifice. While it wouldn't be the same as naming the bridge for one person, it would provide a memorial for all of the men and women who should be remembered and honored - as they deserve.

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