January 18, 2011

Let the Games Begin

Yesterday, Niagara County Legislator Renae Kimble, a leader in the area's African-American community, hosted her annual Martin Luther King Jr luncheon. This is certainly a great event that commemorates the work of Dr. King and his ongoing contributions to our society.

What is interesting to note is that, in addition to the usual politicos that you'd find at such an event, John Accardo and Bobby Restaino also made appearances at the commemoration. Now, I'm sure it's likely that Accardo and Restaino understand the importance of King's work and simply attended to show their appreciation. But an even more likely scenario is that Accardo and Restaino are starting to put feelers out to the community in anticipation of mayoral runs by each of them in Niagara Falls.

It makes perfect sense. Accardo is coming off of a strong run for State Assembly and Restaino is well-known and well-liked in the city. And, as you'll recall, Restaino seriously contemplated a primary run against Francine DelMonte, only to change his mind, opening the door for Accardo, who would go on to defeat DelMonte in the Dem primary for Assembly. In addition, despite all the rhetoric about how things are on the "right path" in the city, incumbent Mayor Paul Dyster is vulnerable.

There is also no love loss between the three. Dyster did nothing to help Accardo after the primary, despite the fact that Accardo was the candidate supported by the city's Democrats. Frankly, that was a horrendous political move by Dyster - his refusal to support Accardo post-primary shows just how politically inept he is.

This is really going to be fun to watch. It will also be interesting to see how the city and county Dem committees handle what will likely be a multi-candidate Dem primary. Of course, we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves - it is after all, still January. Let the games begin.

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