December 1, 2010

Thompson Reluctantly Concedes

Senator Mark Grisanti - DAMN that has a nice ring to it!

In case you missed it, outgoing Senator Antoine Thompson threw in the towel yesterday on his silly attempt to drag out the election for the 60th Senate District. Of course, Thompson went out just as we expected - classless. Not once did he even acknowledge Grisanti, let alone congratulate him on the win.

One can only assume that Thompson begrudgingly ended the recount farce. With the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee facing a $2.4 million debt from this year's elections, the well had run dry for Twan. In addition, while we know that Thompson had $147,000 left in his campaign coffers at the time of his last campaign finance disclosure report, we don't know what he has in there as of today since he failed to meet the deadline for the legally-required filing of campaign finance disclosure reports. Thompson simply couldn't afford to continue to pay for lawyers and DSCC doesn't have the cash to continue to litigate the outcome.

Thompson now lives with the fact that he was on the losing end of one of the greatest upsets in New York politics. He also lives with knowing that because of his incompetence and arrogance, Democrats lose control of the Senate. The ramifications of this loss will reverberate throughout this state for the next 10 years.

I'll say what Thompson was incapable of: congratulations to Mark Grisanti and his team for a great race and a great win. We're confident that Grisanti will be a true voice for Western New York. His statement that he will vote in the best interests of WNY regardless of who sponsors the legislation is what we're most enthusiastic about. Too bad that Twan never understood that concept (see UB2020).

And while some say that we're purely partisan in eschewing the virtues of the GOP, we've always said that representing the interests of Upstate New York is not about parties, but about Upstate vs. Downstate. With Grisanti in the 60th and the GOP back in control of the Senate, Upstate will once again have the representation that has been so lacking.

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