December 8, 2010

Parker Faces Jail Time

You remember the State Senate's Chief Thug, Democrat Kevin Parker. He was the one who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, called Governor Paterson a "coke-sniffing, staff-banging" governor, openly supported former state senator turned slasher Hiram Monserrate, compared the Tea Party movement to the KKK, punched a traffic ticket agent, underwent court-ordered anger management and lashed out at colleague John DeFrancisco with a racial tirade.

Now the law has caught up with Parker.

Yesterday he was convicted of two misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief after being charged with beating up a NY Post reporter. Of course, Parker didn't just toss a few punches; he beat the crap out of the photog, tore the door off his car, destroyed the interior of the vehicle and broke the photographer's finger. Being the sociopath that he is, Parker probably wears the conviction as a badge of honor.

It will be very interesting to see how the Senate deals with Parker. Having already set a precedent with the expulsion of Monserrate after he plead guilty to slashing his girlfriend's face, one would think that Parker would face the same discipline. Unfortunately, Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson is already backtracking, stating that there is no comparison between violence against a woman and violence towards a man.

Senator Ruben Diaz, formerly a close ally of Monserrate, opposed his expulsion to the end. He now expects Parker to receive the same punishment from the Senate that Monserrate did, and rightfully so.

I'm going out on a limb right now and saying that Diaz flips to the GOP conference, if they'll have him, if Parker doesn't get the boot. The racial divides run so deep within the Democratic Conference that Diaz will split-off if equivalent punishment is not levied. Carl Kruger, the only Dem to hold a Chairmanship the last time the GOP held the majority, may join him.

Of course, what would a Kevin Parker post be without the below video of Parker showing just what an ignorant prick he is. I still get goosebumps watching Jim Wright giving Parker a verbal beatdown on the floor of the Senate. The only surprise with the video is that Parker didn't get up from his chair, walk up to Wright and punch him square in the face. Of course, we don't know what happened once the cameras were turned off.

Parker, who faces two years in prison, will be sentenced on January 27th. He easily won re-election in November, defeating his opponent 35,426 to 5,950.

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