December 9, 2010

Maybe a Peter Kay Countdown Clock?

Now that County Manager Greg Lewis has moved on, we have been thinking about others who might qualify as addition by subtraction....meaning their departure from our community actually helps make things better. We think Niagara Falls Economic Development Guru....ok, we're laughing out loud as we write that phrase... Peter Kay might qualify.

Kay earns a fat six-figure salary and has absolutely nothing to show for it. When Dyster talks about the two hotels being renovated as an accomplishment, he forgets that he and Peter Kay fought the NCIDA package of incentives that were critical to making it happen.

When Dyster highlights the Cordish donation of the mall that makes the NCCC Culinary School a possibility, he conveniently forgets that he had nothing to do with it. Cordish hated the city, and as we recall, talks with the city on the Rainbow Center fell apart. It was NCCC President Jim Klyczek who resurrected this by talking Cordish into donating the mall to the NCCC foundation. No one needed Peter Kay to make that happen.

Quite frankly, we think the NF Council has it right when they eliminated funding for Peter Kay's job, as they did last year as well. Hopefully, they'll have the gumption to override the Mayor's veto, unlike last year.

Hmm...maybe Peter Kay's job should be de-funded but he should spend the next year working gratis. After all, he has earned hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars do nothing, so he probably owes the community a little something.

Then again, let's dust off that countdown's time to for Peter Kay to join Greg Lewis as nothing more than a bad memory on the scrap heap of local history.

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