December 10, 2010

Lee Gets Ways & Means

We'd like to congratulate Congressman Chris Lee on his appointment to the House Ways & Means Committee yesterday. Ways & Means is the very powerful committee that writes U.S. tax law, laws on trade, Medicare, Social Security and unemployment benefits.

In just his second term, Lee continues to impress. He has shown an excellent ability to familiarize himself with the complexities of his position, while articulating the issues to his constituency in a clear and concise manner. His ascension in such a short time has been no accident. He possesses the rare combination of private sector experience and strong political acumen that we need more of at all levels of government. That combination has been both recognized and rewarded by his colleagues in Congress.

As New York continues to lose population, and thus seats in Congress, it is imperative that we in Western New York have a strong voice in Washington advocating on our behalf, especially when you see things like this, which highlight just how ineffective Louise Slaughter and Brian Higgins are for New York. We're confident that Lee will be that voice, especially as his star continues to rise in D.C.

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Rocketboy said...

I'm generally not a fan of Chris Lee, but as the saying goes, any enemy of my enemy is my friend. Anyone who can get the Working Families Party and it's psudo-legal mouthpieces in the froth that Chris Lee does, is quite the enemy of my enemy.