November 24, 2010

Where's Pauldo?

Each year, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership hosts an event to launch their Regional Agenda. This document is a collaboration between Erie County, Niagara County and the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. It identifies the top economic development priorities of the region and outlines the rationale for moving forward with each of them.

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is the leading business advocacy organization in Western New York, with over 2,500 employer members. They lobby elected officials at every level in an effort to keep Western New York relevant in a state that is more concerned with taking our assets and resources away from us.

So one has to wonder why Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, for the second year in a row, saw fit to snub the BNP at the unveiling of their 2011 Regional Agenda earlier this week. Leaders from all of the other entities that contributed to the compilation were there. Chris Collins from Erie County, Bill Ross from Niagara County and Byron Brown from the City of Buffalo all understood the importance of this event. Not Dyster, he skipped it - again.

One truly has to wonder where Dyster's priorities are. Obviously with DelMonte and Thompson gone, he does not have a single political ally left in Albany. You would think that he would be willing to show just a little bit of respect for one of the few organizations that actually takes Niagara Falls seriously and is willing to lobby on behalf of the city. Apparently that is too much to ask of him.

With Dyster at the helm, the city will continue on its path to oblivion. Thankfully, the election for mayor is less than 12 months away. In the meantime, we'd like to alert all citizens to keep an eye out for Dyster. He may be right under your nose.

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sundayniagara said...

BNP is a waste of money and only favors Buffalo. If the powers-that-be in NF had any brains, they would have dropped out a long time ago and went on their own.