November 23, 2010

Twan Begs For Bucks

Speaking of Senator Antoine Thompson, we're going to do our second favorite do-nothing, outgoing state legislator (Francine DelMonte will always be number one in our hearts) a favor.

It seems that Twan is a few bucks short on cash. Despite the fact that he spent more time fundraising during his time in office than actually working for the betterment of this state and his constituency, Thompson is appealing to everyone and anyone he can to muster up more bucks from to keep his overpaid, albeit ineffective, lawyers employed through his Quixotic attempt to change the outcome of his Senate race.

In fact, Twan recently sent out the following email solicitation to quite a number of individuals, organizations, PACs and special interest groups:

From: Antoine Thompson []
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 4:57 PM
Subject: Request for A Critical Contribution


I am reaching out to you in hopes of your support. There is an aggressive recount underway for my re-election to the State Senate. Recounts require the mobilization of staff, volunteers, and lawyers to ensure that every vote is counted. This is very close race with more thousands of absentee and affadavit ballots must be counted. Your contribution will make a huge difference. Please contribute today online at or Supporters of Antoine Thompson, P.O. Box 714, Buffalo, NY 14201.

Antoine M. Thompson
Senator, 60th District

Reply Form
Name_____________________________ Company__________________________
Address________________________ City ____________ State ___ Zip _________
Phone _________________ Fax ___________ Email __________

Please contribute online at: or by mail
Supporters of Antoine Thompson, P.O. Box 714, Buffalo, NY 14201

Where do I begin? The spelling errors? The grammatical missteps? How about the outright butchering of the English language? I would be absolutely mortified if my name was attached to such a communication. For Christ's sake, hit the damn "spell check" button before you send it out!

Anyways, Twan is still needin' a few bucks. I truly hope that this communication serves as reason not to send a dime to this moron. I hope he and DelMonte are very happy together in irrelevance.

1 comment:

The Avenger said...

My favorite is the "more thousands." Never head that combination of words before. Let's try it out:

Me want more thousands of votes so me not have to spend rest of career cleaning toilets at power authority.