November 18, 2010

Glick Criticism Of Schroeder Off-Base

I don't know who Assemblywoman Deborah Glick is, and frankly I don't care. What I do know is that her assertion that the Assembly cares about the "big 5 Cities" shows just how ignorant she is.

In this piece from Capital Confidential, Glick has the audacity to criticize Buffalo Assemblyman Mark Schroeder, her Democratic colleague in the lower house, for Schroeder's demand of Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver to pay more attention to Western New York.

Schroeder is doing what any good elected official should do: look out for the best interests of his constituents. She is the one who needs to shut her big pie hole and get off of Schroeder's back.

Schroeder is rightfully pissed off that Silver and his downstate minions killed UB2020 and SUNY Empowerment, and he called Silver out on it. Glick responded with "I don't understand how you (Schroeder) can mischaracterize those issues as being ignored. We engaged in several Democratic Conferences, which you attended, where these items were very thoroughly discussed."

These items were thoroughly discussed? I suppose that must be some type of rationalization for killing UB2020 - they "discussed" it.

It also exposes just how out of touch Glick is with the real world. Here in the private sector, we don't try to pass off "discussions" as productivity. We need to show results. Although, maybe I'll try that tomorrow - maybe when my client asks me how things are moving forward on an issue he needs resolved, I'll tell him that I discussed it, but didn't actually accomplish anything. I'm thinking he'd likely go Trump on me.

The most disgraceful aspect of Glick's actions is sending this communication to every member of the Assembly. If she truly felt this way, she should have taken her concerns to Schroeder directly and addressed them with him privately. The fact that she attempted to humiliate and intimidate Schroeder in front of his colleagues is truly shameful. Unfortunately, this is the power that Silver wields. That being said, don't shed a tear for Glick - there is no doubt that she will be handsomely rewarded for her loyalty to Silver - and for doing his dirty work for him.

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