November 1, 2010

Election Eve Ruminations

Those Who Know Her Best…

As Niagara Falls Reporter Editor Mike Hudson is
fond of pointing out, once upon a time Francine DelMonte was a young cub reporter for the Niagara Gazette. Hudson often attributes DelMonte’s frequent past kid-glove treatment by that publication to her former-employee status; given Hudson’s uncanny record of gaining accurate insights into all things Niagara Falls, we won’t second-guess his wisdom here.

That’s why this weekend was positively delicious for those of us who’ve long viewed DelMonte as a spiteful harridan whose tenure in office has done more harm than good to the very people she swore an oath to represent. First, on Saturday, the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal chose to endorse Republican John Ceretto in the 138th Assembly District; then, on Sunday, the Gazette chose to endorse Democrat John Accardo.

We’re not ones to keep score, but we’re pretty sure that means Francine went 0-2. It’s almost as if
Chan Gailey were her campaign manager.

In all seriousness, though, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Gazette and the Union-Sun have very different readerships, varied by geography, dominant political composition, ethnic backgrounds, and employment sectors. That they would break over Ceretto and Accardo is not a surprise to us. But what is a welcome development here is that both newspapers agree on one very simple point: for whatever problems ail us, here in Western New York, Francine DelMonte is not the answer.

As the Union-Sun put it, in their endorsement of Ceretto: “We want lawmakers representing us who have the stomach for cutting taxes and have the wisdom to build bipartisan support for better government. Ceretto has the temperament, ideas and experience to make a difference in Albany.”

Indeed, that requirement is the antithesis of anything DelMonte has to offer. From her
shameful performance at a debate last week where a group of her last remaining political allies showed up to heckle Ceretto—who stoically ran their gauntlet and stared her down over issues and substance—and her earlier display of derision for Accardo, who left in disgust and anger, DelMonte came across as the politician who long ago earned the moniker “Wicked Witch of Western New York.”

We never dreamed it would be the editorial writers at her hometown newspaper—and former employer—who threw the bucket of water on her.

Surf’s Up

Ever since last fall, when the Tea Partiers arrived on the scene to protest Washington’s obsession with controlling our lives and picking our pockets, it’s been apparent to us that the Democrats were going to take some pretty heavy incoming fire this election.

We had no idea, though, until sometime in September, that the GOP tidal wave would be so massive.

Gallup, the prestigious polling firm, has a model for Tuesday night’s elections that promises to be positively catastrophic for the Democrats, and will ensure the end of Nancy Pelosi’s political career. Perhaps even more damning, the Politico has a story that says top Democrat operatives are now speaking in terms of massive losses, with GOP gains well past the 60-seat mark. shows the House completely lost for the Democrats and a lot of seats still in play, meaning the size of the GOP’s win is the only question mark. Political prognosticators Larry Sabato and Charlie Cook are offering similarly grim predictions for the Dems.

Add to that the truly exceptional mathematical model over at—one of our absolute favorite websites—that says the same, and the only question going into Tuesday is how many more Dems will be swept away when the wave comes crashing ashore.

Wilson on the Cusp

While Democrats will likely retain the governorship of the State of New York, continuing the successful policies of Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson in the person of Andrew M. Cuomo, there is reason to be optimistic about one race: the battle for New York State’s comptroller job.

This job, which has been performed dismally by the unqualified Sheldon Silver-backed appointee, Tom DiNapoli, for nearly four years, is crucial. Among other things, the comptroller manages the state’s pension fund—something DiNapoli has done extremely poorly.

A spate of Wilson endorsements by newspapers across New York State that don’t normally tend to break for Republicans, including
The New York Times, the Buffalo News, the Syracuse Post-Standard, and the Albany Times Union, has made this contest interesting—and unusual.

Now, a
Siena Poll shows the race all tied up and the incumbent Democrat well below 50%. Given Siena’s pro-Democrat polling bias, we have to believe this is a good sign for Wilson, and frankly, it’s a good sign for a healthy democracy.

Harry Wilson is one of the most qualified candidates running for any office anywhere on Tuesday, and we wish him well. We hope that, like us, you’ll give him your vote.

Man is Not Free, Unless Government is Limited

Tuesday is a time for choosing—and there have been other such points in American history. The battle, as always, is the same: a choice between government bowing to our will, or we the people bowing to the government’s.

We leave you with Ronald Reagan’s stirring words:

See you at the polls.

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