November 4, 2010

Election Day Re-Cap II

Because we presented a not-so-thorough analysis of Tuesday's election returns yesterday, we're going to take a bit further look at the results from a couple of races.

First off, the 138th Assembly District. The race, which featured a three-way contest between John Ceretto, John Accardo and Francine DelMonte, ended with Ceretto winning with just over 45% of the vote and DelMonte finishing a distant third with about 20% of the vote.

In the 138th, there are 97 election districts. Of the 97 districts, DelMonte won exactly zero. Despite the fact that this race was an overwhelming rejection of DelMonte and her failure to properly represent the the people of Niagara County in Albany, she has shown that she is incapable of understanding why she was annihilated Tuesday.

In fact, her post-election comments show what a vindictive, angry woman she is. While it is customary for an election loser to call the winner to express congratulations, DelMonte articulated to the press, "Voters in Niagara County decided in my race to go from effective representation to ineffective representation. That should bother people." Ineffective representation? He hasn't even taken office yet! Who the hell are you to say that he will be ineffective? Did you look into your crystal ball, witch?

In the days leading up to Election Day, she showed her true colors. In an interview with the Niagara Gazette, she repeatedly referred to Accardo and Ceretto as "idiots". Ceretto has a Masters degree and Accardo owns and runs a very successful insurance agency; DelMonte has worked in Albany for 30 years. As if the repeated use of the adjective wasn't offensive enough, these comments show how classless she is.

She did robocalls in the days leading up to the election slandering Accardo, knowing full well that her statements were false. And her conduct at the Niagara Falls Block Club debate was utterly reprehensible. (As a side note, the failure of the debate moderator to properly maintain decorum was disgraceful.)

In the end, DelMonte was soundly rejected by the voters of the 138th. They saw her for what she is and voted accordingly. In fact, she lost her base, Niagara Falls. For her to think that she will be back in two years is laughable. Of course, when you spend your entire adult life sucking off the public teet, as she has, it's not surprising that her first thought is that she will be back. After all, the thought of actually having to take her sorry ass out into the private sector to make a living has got to be an inconceivable thought for her.

A final note on this race: since the results of this race came in, DelMonte has repeatedly blamed Accardo for her loss. The reason? Because he challenged her in the Primary Election. I find it truly disgusting that her sense of entitlement to this seat is so great that she would have the audacity to criticize Accardo for running against her. It is incredibly unfortunate that DelMonte hates democracy and the right of any individual to run for public office.

The other race that we'd like to take a further look at is the 60th Senate District, where incumbent Antoine Thompson is currently down to challenger Mark Grisanti by about 500 votes.

This race is the epitome of being caught off-guard. You can chalk that up to one thing: Thompson's arrogance. His failure to empathize with voter anger is astounding. He has repeatedly been the face of Albany incompetence and dysfunction. But his arrogance, in a district in which Dems outnumber Republicans by 85,000, is the reason why he will find his ass out on the streets come January 1st.

His sickening attempts to justify actions that cost the taxpayers of his district millions of dollars would have been comical if they weren't so offensive. From his trip to Jamaica to spur economic development initiatives to his spending millions of taxpayer dollars to promote himself, he has been an unmitigated disaster.

Most recently, he spent most of the same Block Club debate bashing Sen. George Maziarz, instead of focusing on the issues that are important to his constituency. The theory of bashing an incumbent senator like Maziarz, who consistently maintains an amazingly high approval rating of 70, shows what a moron Thompson is.

In fact, Thompson went as far during the debate to assert, in attempt to demean Maziarz and prop himself up, that "there is a new sheriff in town". Yes there is, Antoine - and his name is Mark Grisanti.

I hope you and DelMonte are very happy together in the unemployment line.

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The Avenger said...

Yes, Antoine, there's a new sheriff in town and he's got a warrant for your arrest in the AEG scandal. Good riddance.