November 15, 2010

DelMonte Recruits Restaino

On October 14th, Tom Prohaska of the Buffalo News wrote a very interesting article about the refusal of certain Niagara Falls Democrats to publicly support either Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte or her primary challenger John Accardo after their ugly primary, which Accardo won.

Post-primary, Prohaska attempted to reach Mayor Paul Dyster, City Council Chairman Samuel Fruscione, County Legislator Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso and County Legislators Jason Cafarella and Renae Kimble for their respective positions on who they will be supporting in the General Election, Accardo or DelMonte. Virtuoso and Cafarella were non-committal and Kimble was supporting Accardo. Dyster and Fruscione didn't respond to Prohaska and never publicly declared who they'd be supporting.

Dyster made his position on the 60th Senate District clear, as he endorsed Antoine Thompson. With DelMonte, however, his position was much more ambiguous. He had DelMonte's yard sign up, he had her sign down. He dodged the question. Maybe he figured no one would notice. Therein lies what's become a big problem for the county Dems. Someone did notice - DelMonte. And she is mighty pissed.

Not one to sit idly by while her supposed friends abandon her, whether they're right or wrong doesn't matter, DelMonte has set her sights on Dyster.

Sources have told Niagara Times that DelMonte has had multiple conversations with former Niagara Falls Judge Bob Restaino in an effort to persuade Restaino to run against Dyster, who is up for re-election in less than 12 months. Remember that it was Restaino, before Accardo, who gave significant consideration to running against DelMonte. Once Restaino did DelMonte the favor of bowing out, Accardo jumped in. (As a side note, how do you think Bobby is feeling about that decision these days?)

Frankly, it makes perfect sense; DelMonte is a vindictive witch who is wild with anger and wanting revenge, Dyster is vulnerable and Restaino could win. The fact that it will inevitably divide the hell out of the county Dems doesn't matter to DelMonte.

Stay tuned - this one is bound to get very interesting.

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