November 9, 2010

Conservatives, WFP Movin' on Up...

There’s a nasty battle brewing between two minor parties: the Independence Party, product of Tom Golisano’s past runs for high office, and the Working Families Party, which is little more than a ballot line for the union bosses—and a corrupt organization under investigation, at that.

The latest figures from the Working Families camp shows the left-wing party a little more than 2,000 votes ahead of the Independence Party in votes cast on its line in last Tuesday’s elections.

Why is this important?

Because in New York State, the number of votes cast for governor determine, first, if a party gets a permanent spot on the ballot for four years, and second, where the party is positioned.

If the 2,000-vote lead holds, the Working Families Party will leapfrog ahead of the Independence Party on the ballot, giving them Row D and dropping the Independence Party to Row E.

Incidentally, a very good piece of news in all of this: the New York State Conservative Party positive crushed its third-party rivals, winning well over 200,000 votes in Tuesday’s elections. (This is no doubt a reflection of the Tea Party movement, Carl Paladino’s run, and massive support for the line in Erie, Niagara, and Nassau counties.) This gives the Conservatives Row C, which they held for decades before losing the row to the Independence Party a few years back.

These lines will have significant implications in future electoral contests. Consider the importance that the Working Families line played in the 138th Assembly District race this year.

Stay tuned.

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Rocketboy said...

I refuse to vote for anyone who's also on the Union Family, err, Working Family line.