October 27, 2010

Witryol's Double-Talk

The following was received from a reader. It is unedited and posted in its entirety.

Every time I watch an Amy “HOPE” Witryol television ad, I cringe. It sounds like a good sound bite – “Take the money out of government.” Yet Ms. Witryol has yet to disclose where her funding is coming from. It is public record that she has purchased at least $70,000 worth of TV advertising, and yet her filings show that she has acquired about $9,000 total in her campaign fundraising efforts (with many financial donations coming from out of state sources.) So, where is the money coming from? Who is funding this campaign? It looks like she has loaned the campaign over $50,000 herself!
And she’s hardly one who practices what she preaches…in June of 2006, Amy was publicly thanked at a Lewiston Town Board Meeting for paying for an Albany Trip for some local politicians.
“I want to recognize Mrs. Witryol who took on the entire expense for all of us…I wanted to recognize Mrs. Witryol publicly for her leadership on that issue and her kind generosity in funding the travel expenses.” - from the Town of Lewiston Board Minutes June 26, 2006.
Not only is this in violation of lobbying laws, but it seems hypocritical for someone who complains about special interest money. Let me get this straight - If it’s her money it doesn’t count?
Are all registered voters aware that Amy never carried petitions and it was at the 11th hour that she replaced a democratic candidate that decided to withdraw from the race? Was this a last minute stand in or a well-planned scheme?
Whatever it is, Amy Witryol has many questions that need to be answered. As a “retired banking executive,” she has not been employed since she moved to the Niagara County area. She is listed as the editor of the Niagara-Health Science Report (a non-existent entity) and claims an annual income of $120,000. Where does this income come from?
She is a self-proclaimed authority on hazardous waste disposal, and yet nothing in her history would explain where that knowledge would originate?
Amy Witryol is either a puppet for some interest group that would like to see CWM close down or a delusional person with illusions of grandeur. Whatever she is – she is not the answer for change in the 62nd district.
Attached here is a photo of Amy in protest at the Lewiston Christmas Walk. Is this what we want as our next Senator?


James T. Kirk said...

Hobbes, uh, is that a Black Panther salute???

Rocketboy said...


Hobbes Hobbes Hobbes... for every 3 good points you make, you put your foot in your mouth with these blatant scare tactics, which help to trivialize your good points.

That, and the fact that you do not ever approve comments that fully contradict you (although you may approve this one to try to make it look like I'm lying...) really make this blog look like a joke. Enough with the cheap scare tactics, and start allowing open discussion.

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