October 22, 2010

What This Election Was Supposed to be About

Watching Carl Paladino’s polling implosion has been painful for those of us who remember why he entered the race in the first place, and why we supported him.

Breaking news yesterday reminded us, incidentally, why we do support Carl, still. It was lead paragraphs like this that first convinced us an outsider with a disdain for political niceties was the best hope for our state:

ALBANY — In a town grown weary of corruption cases, the findings of an investigation of Albany's newest scandal rocks the very foundation of the Capitol's three-men-in-a-room system of governing.

Albany is a dysfunctional mess. That the entire upper echelon of state government—and, by default, the entire upper echelon of the Democratic Party’s elected leadership—has been caught up in such a scandal days before the election is a not-too-subtle reminder of that fact.

This is a consequential election. We only hope enough New Yorkers still get that fact to make a difference. For anyone who is heart-sick about the scandalous behavior of the majority governing Albany, there is no excuse to stay home, and, this year, no excuse to vote Democrat.

It’s time to take back our government.

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