October 4, 2010

What if They Held a Rally, and No One Came?

Here at Niagara Times, we’ve always taken a less-than-charitable view of activists who end up shooting themselves in the foot by overusing theatrics. Sometimes, they just end up inadvertently showing how weak their position really is.

And so it was this weekend, when the American Left held a rally to support President Obama and the Democrat Party in Washington, D.C. We’re of the mindset that any time a Democrat rally fails in a city with an 11-to-1 Democrat-to-Republican registration edge, the Dems are in serious trouble. And, indeed, following on Glenn Beck’s rally of a month ago, which gathered a crowd in the many hundreds of thousands, having even friendly media writing your rally only numbered in “the thousands” is not a good sign:

We could leave our commentary there, at a stark comparison of numbers, and an examination of the overall softness of the Democrats’ rally. But that wouldn’t be any fun. Instead, we’re going to refer you to the picture below, which we happily borrowed from the Daily Mail, long one of Britain’s great newspapers. We think it perfectly illustrates why the New Right seems to be on course to deal the Old Left around Barack Obama a nearly-unprecedented electoral defeat this fall:

Now, here at Niagara Times, we’ve never really been too fond of the hippie element. Frankly, we can’t stand hippies. Growing up, when other kids were having nightmares about the bogeyman, we were waking up screaming from dreams that smelled of patchouli and featured psychedelic Volkswagen Microbuses and a soundtrack by Crosby, Stills & Nash. And we still have a deep aversion to Ben & Jerry's, and pretty much anything else associated with Vermont. So, we’re a bit biased. Maybe you look at that photo and see a citizen happily exercising his right to be, er, different. Eccentric, even. Heck, some out there might even see someone who should be given the keys to the car. (We know, we know: 'D' for 'Drive,' 'R' for 'Reverse.' That's funny stuff, Barry...)

Us? We just see a dirty old hippie burnout. We suspect a lot of our fellow Americans do, too. And they realize that people just like him—albeit oftentimes camouflaged by a close shave and a trip to Brooks Brothers—have been running this country into the ground for the last two years. And they don’t like it. Some Americans are old enough to vividly remember the Carter Era and know what happened the last time we went down this road. Others just really, really don’t like the inescapable feeling that the folks running Washington right now never spent a day in the real world before leaving their ivory-tower college classrooms to take jobs as Obama’s czars.

Whichever is the case, the hippie fever that swept this Administration into office seems to have broken. They threw a rally for the Democrats this weekend, and no one came. For the Dems, that portends an electoral thumping. For America, perhaps it portends nothing more than this country getting a second chance. Even if that’s the case, it’s a welcome sign.

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