October 21, 2010

Kimble Steals DelMonte’s Ruby Slippers

There’s an old saying that, in politics, friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. As Francine DelMonte has specialized in the accumulation of enemies, everyone should have seen the political whirlwind that brought her crashing to earth coming.

We weren’t the only ones expressing absolute delight last month when fellow Democrat John Accardo landed a house on the woman dubbed “
The Wicked Witch of Western New York” by, well, by fellow Democrats. After all, she deserved what she got. But, we were caught off-guard when she refused to accept the verdict rendered by members of her own political party. (Given everything we know about Francine, we shouldn’t have been. But we were.)

When Mayor Paul Dyster (D-Munchkinland) began reaching out to Accardo after the primary, we weren’t surprised, either. After all, Francine’s legs were sticking out from under Accardo’s house. Dyster must have been shocked when she climbed back on her broom and began gathering up her remaining flying monkeys to push on in her delusional bid to retain her seat as the candidate of the minorest of minor parties, the Working Families Party.

But, as we noted, in politics, friends come and go, but enemies do accumulate. And Francine DelMonte has one very determined enemy out there working to ensure that, when the next house lands on her Nov. 2, she stays down for the count.

Niagara Times reported back in August that Francine DelMonte herself had
personally torpedoed the nomination of Niagara County Legislator Renae Kimble, a leader of Niagara Falls’ black community, to the New York Power Authority Board of Trustees by former State Comptroller H. Carl McCall, a pioneering black politician and Kimble ally, by storming into the office of Gov. David A. Paterson’s appointments secretary. (We realize it’s pointing out the obvious, but Paterson, like Kimble and McCall, is also black.) DelMonte succeeded in forestalling Kimble’s appointment, but may have ended up making more than a few enemies that day—and at least one of those enemies is planning to throw a bucket of water on her on Nov. 2.

We are told that Kimble is reaching out, aggressively, to her political base—that is, the black churches in Niagara Falls. Kimble is contacting every black minister in her hometown, and has a very simple message for their flocks. Kimble, who we are told is herself quite the preacher, is planning to deliver the coup-de-grace to DelMonte, urging black voters in the Falls to back Accardo, or even her County Legislature colleague Republican John Ceretto—but not DelMonte, whose commitment to racial equality and the advancement of the black community is, in Kimble’s eyes, questionable.

Our regular readers are smart, so we hope we don’t insult their intelligence by pointing this out, but here goes: Kimble’s actions have doomed the Wicked Witch’s long-shot bid at retaining her office and left her political career nothing more than a steaming puddle on the floor. With nearly a quarter of the population of Niagara Falls members of the African-American demographic, and this group voting monolithically for Democratic candidates and John Accardo as the standard bearer for that party, and Kimble doing her best to ensure they vote against DelMonte on Nov. 2, the Wicked Witch is finished.

And Renae Kimble just got herself a new pair of shoes. We hope red is her color.

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