October 19, 2010


We had planned to post a rehash of last night’s gubernatorial debate this morning, but really the candidate who stole the show was the positively insane Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. If, like us, you can't quite get Jimmy McMillan's insane utterances out of your head, you can re-live McMillan’s crazier moments here.

Indeed, last night, as we headed to bed, we were sure the craziest thing we’d see this morning would be recaps of McMillan’s nutty performance. Boy, were we wrong:

We’ve never felt the reason to disguise our absolute disgust for all things related to Niagara Falls and its corrupt political system, but even the goings-on at City Hall take a backseat to the thorough corruption of the Niagara Falls City School District. It’s like Bizarro World there. All the rules that you and I live by out in the real America seem to cease.

For years, of course, former Superintendent Carm Granto ran the district like a little, close-knit fiefdom where the best way to get a job was to be…well, was to be related to Carm Granto. Eventually, Granto’s playing fast and loose with taxpayer dollars caught up with him, and a scathing report by the state comptroller’s office torpedoed his career.

So, the School Board did what any sane organization would do under such circumstances, and brought in an outsider with fresh perspectives to fix Granto’s mess.

(That last sentence was meant to be ironic. Unless you live under a rock, you know what the School Board did: they
hired Granto’s sister, Cynthia Bianco, to replace him for a paltry $155,000 a year.)

Of course, such practices aren’t anything new in the Niagara Falls City School District; an old Granto-era joke was that the only place more disastrously
inbred than West Virginia was the Niagara Falls School District’s front office.

That’s why word that long-time School District attorney
Angelo Massaro’s daughter Maria being hired as the $120,000-a-year human resources director for the District, despite not having any actual human resources experience, and without any kind of search beyond an internal posting, doesn’t surprise us. And it shouldn’t surprise our readers, either: The Cataract City stopped being anything more than an illegitimate third-world joke a long time ago.

You stay classy, Niagara Falls.

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