October 8, 2010

Friday Ruminations

Save the Earth. Or We’ll Kill You.

Snuff films have never been our thing. But apparently, after a year that has turned “global warming” from a fashionable cause to an international laughingstock, the true believers in the Warmist religion have gone from kooks who rant about internal combustion engines to wannabe terrorists.

Something called the 10:10 Project put out the following video, where climate-change-battling do-gooders are rewarded, and global-warming skeptics…well, er, global-warming skeptics are blown up, Al Qaeda style:

Ha! That’s freakin’ hysterical. We get it!!! “Join us or we’ll kill you!” You guys have a gift for comedy on par with Mel Brooks and Monty Python!

Actually, we’re not laughing at all. But we’re not entirely shocked by this. Anyone who has ever tried to argue facts with a Global Warmist knows that you might have better luck converting the Pope to Mormonism.

Maybe it’s time to start putting Sierra Club members on the no-fly list.

Earning His Nickname

Dysaster. There, we said it.

Niagara Falls’ failed mayor proposed, as we predicted,
a weighty tax hike last Friday. (Any time a politician makes an announcement on a Friday afternoon, it’s never a good thing.)

Residents of Niagara Falls have a $17.75 per $1,000 tax rate to look forward to next year. And, even more shocking is the outrageous $31.87 per $1,000 for business owners. (Maybe that has something to do with the lack of businesses on your Main Street, Paul. Just sayin’.)

Aside from the fact that taxes in Niagara Falls are going up, that Dyster continues to lead
one of only 13 cities that tax their businesses at a higher rate than residential spaces is a profound commentary on why Niagara Falls, under Paul Dyster, is turning into a ghost town.

Break a Treaty, Break the Law

Regular readers of this space know that we are sympathetic to the plight of New York’s Indian tribes, where state efforts to tax their smoke shops are concerned. That being said, we cannot condone their lawless behavior. The Indian tribes are the ones who, after all, have made the phrase “Break a treaty, break the law” a part of Western New York’s lexicon. Yet,
by withholding payments owed to New York State, and, in turn, the City of Niagara Falls, they have shown a callous disregard for their own moral argument.

The Gaming Compact governing gambling in New York State had nothing to do with cigarettes. Tobacco wasn’t even mentioned. The issue addressed was casinos and bingo parlors. For the Senecas to refuse to abide by that Gaming Compact now, as a form of retribution for Gov. Paterson’s lawful, if misguided, efforts to collect taxes on cigarettes sold at Indian smoke shops, is even more misguided—and not at all lawful.

The Gaming Compact was, for all intents and purposes, a treaty. New York State abided by its obligations under that particular treaty. It is the Senecas who are now guilty of breaking a treaty—and breaking the law. We wish Gov. Paterson would leave the Indians’ cigarettes alone. But if he wants to shut down the Seneca Niagara Casino until the Senecas begin honoring their treaties, we think he’d be perfectly justified in doing so.

Carl’s Best Hope to Turn Things Around

We are, like many of those who know the harm that Andrew Cuomo will do to Upstate, concerned about Carl Paladino’s apparent drop in the polls.

That being said, news that Paladino and Cuomo will
square off in a debate Oct. 18 in Long Island is a welcome development.

We’re not naïve enough to believe that a lot of the idiots who show up on Election Day will watch the debates. But if this race tightens, as we believe it will, it may be enough. In 1980, a last-minute debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter is credited with shifting momentum to Reagan just when he needed it. And we all know how that turned out. We can’t help but hope the Carl Paladino we love and know here in Western New York—the straight-talker with a command of the issues—shows up on-stage at Hofstra that night. If he does, he may be able to recapture the momentum he had right after the GOP primary.

We Don’t Need No Education—But We Do Need Tickets.

If you’re one of the very lucky few that managed to acquire tickets to tonight’s
Roger Waters “The Wall” show at the HSBC Arena, we’re jealous. For the rest of us, this excerpt from Pink Floyd’s magnum opus will have to do:

Incidentally, tickets are still available, although the prices made us uncomfortably numb.

See you back here on Tuesday.

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