October 1, 2010

Friday Ruminations

DelMonte Delusional

We read coverage of Francine DelMonte’s ongoing fight to save her seat in the Assembly in the Niagara Gazette this morning and chuckled.

Then we laughed out loud hysterically.

First off, before we get to the meat of DelMonte’s lunatic bid for office, we couldn’t get over a pair of quotes in the article:

“The boys might have knocked me down, but I’m not out. A fight isn’t over when you get knocked down, it’s over when you don’t get back up. Too many people have told me they have no confidence in either of other two candidates and urged me to continue on with the campaign.”

“The time of telling lies and misleading voters is over,” she said. “I will shut down every lie the boys in this race tell. I’m not going to let them pervert my record. People deserve honesty not rhetoric and distortion.”

“The boys” eh? That rhetoric is eerily reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s failed run for president, when she would whine about the gender of all the other Democratic candidates running against her. That a gender-based argument failed in the party that typically enjoys the positive side of a female gender gap shows how specious an argument it is.

That being said, we believe a bit of education is in order for Ms. DelMonte about how ballots are constructed.

On Nov. 2, voters will be faced with a ballot that lists a whole bunch of Democratic nominees, next to a big, black, bold word: Democrat, on Row A. That party’s kind of been around for a while. A lot of voters just vote that line. And, if they look at the part of the ballot that says Member of the Assembly, they’ll see John Accardo’s name.

On Row B, a similar thing will play out. Republican in bold-face type. Carl Paladino’s name for governor, and John Ceretto’s name on the line as the GOP candidate for Assembly.

On Row C, voters will read the word Independence. This party isn’t nearly as long and storied as the Democratic and Republican parties, but it tends to draw a fair number of voters on Election Day. There, voters will see Andrew Cuomo’s name and John Ceretto’s name.

On Row D, voters will read the word Conservative. That party is nearly 50 years old, and its name means something to a whole heckuva lot of people—especially in socially-conservative Western New York. Heck, a registered Conservative even chairs the County Legislature. And voters will see Carl Paladino’s name and John Ceretto’s name together on the same line.

Finally, voters will reach Row E, Working Families. This party is widely expected to not even garner 50,000 votes statewide, and drop into electoral oblivion this cycle. And Francine DelMonte hopes to win running on that line, and that line alone.

Getting to watch Francine lose twice will be entertaining for many of us. But, if our name was John Ceretto, who has to benefit from every vote she strips from Democratic candidate John Accardo, it would have to be pure ecstasy.

You go, girl.

Tidal Wave Building

Several items in the past couple of days have convinced us that Election Night 2010 is going to be bigger even than Election Night 1994, in terms of a GOP blowout.

The respected websites Election Projection (which, while good, has consistently underestimated GOP fortunes and the size of waves in the past) and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball show Democrat hopes of holding the House are gone. And, one has to suspect the Senate will fall to the GOP in short order.

Add to that a new poll that shows even a very damaged GOP gubernatorial candidate in Florida leading, where Democrats hoped to score an upset, and another that shows former WWE CEO Linda McMahon surging in the Connecticut Senate race, and you see just how bad things have become for the Party in Power.

Two years ago, a lot of Democrats were thanking Barack Obama for their Election Night outcomes. We have a feeling that they’ll be giving him the credit for this year’s Election Night outcomes as well.

Picture Defines Coolness

While we’ve admitted to a certain preference for matters political, a picture we first saw on the Drudge Report bears some note. Sometimes, a photographer gets lucky, and times something perfectly. For the rest of us, of course, there’s PhotoShop.

That being said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t post a link to a photo of the Hollywood hills, a rainbow, and a lightning strike. Pictures like that define coolness, and it’s Friday.

Buffalo Spree Unloads on the Sabres…for Their Fashion Sense

OK, we admit it. We enjoy thumbing through Buffalo Spree as much as anyone. But their blog was a bit harsh the other day when it unloaded on the new Buffalo Sabres jerseys, calling them “unimaginative.”

If, by unimaginative, they mean straight, to the point, not overdone, then yes, they’re unimaginative.

As for us, we’re just hoping to see another decent season. Maybe one that doesn’t leave us, in the end, bitter about what might have been.

But that probably won’t happen. After all, it’s the Sabres:

See you Monday.

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