October 12, 2010

DiNapoli: A Study in Doublespeak

We admit to being anything but fans of inept State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Frankly, we’ve used an assortment of blue language to describe the partisan fiscal lapdog to our friends; this being a family blog, we’ll avoid repeating those words here, although the one we use most commonly is a synonym for a certain feminine hygiene product.

To call DiNapoli incompetent would, of course, be the kindest thing we could say about him. After all, under DiNapoli’s stewardship, the state’s pension fund has performed worse than pretty much any 401(k). So badly it has performed, in fact, that the local contribution funded by county and city taxpayers has increased massively—in fact, DiNapoli’s optimistic assessment is that next year, local governments will be on the hook for 37% more than last year.

Despite his gross incompetence and general nastiness, though, we hadn’t previously attached the word “crook” to DiNapoli. His performance last week in a debate with Republican comptroller candidate Harry Wilson changed that, though, when DiNapoli repeatedly refused to answer whether or not he was under investigation. The following video excerpt is quite short, and quite worth your time:

That is just a mind-blowing performance. The sad thing is, Sheldon Silver’s handpicked comptroller might just manage to be elected to a full term in his own right.

We’re not quite sure what a hand-basket looks like, but we are certain that, if Tom DiNapoli wins another term as comptroller, this state is headed to hell in one.

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