October 6, 2010

DelMonte's Denial Costs Her Dearly

The most telling aspect of outgoing New York State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte's most recent financial disclosure is not the fact that she brought in more money from outside of her district, nor is it the $19,000 she spent on a poll from a Massachusetts company with ties to Sheldon Silver (a fact that we reported on long before it hit her financials). Nope, the most telling aspect of DelMonte's financials is just how far off her compass was in approaching the primary election.

In no uncertain terms, DelMonte never saw the train that hit her coming. This conclusion is made glaringly clear by the fact that she didn't spend any of that money that has so generously flowed to her campaign coffers from Albany and New York City lobbyists and special interest groups.

DelMonte's 32 Day Pre-Primary financial disclosure showed her sitting on about $69,000 in her campaign account. Of that, she spent about $21,000. Of course, that includes the $19k she dropped on Kiley & Company. So entering the most competitive primary of her political life, she dropped two grand. That's not only indicative of an astounding level of arrogance, it's an amazing indication of the inability of DelMonte to empathize with voter anger. Of course, she was only one of two Democratic Assemblypersons in the state to lose the primary election, so maybe she figured it couldn't happen to her. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

So with about $48,000, DelMonte is going forward with her campaign on the Working Families line. She is now the poster child for the party of ACORN; of voter fraud; of corruption. Congratulations.

DelMonte can't win on the WF line. Even with $50,000, she won't pull 12% of the vote. Her actions tell me is that she doesn't care one bit about her party. She doesn't care about keeping the seat in the hands of the Democrats. She cares about settling a score with Dem challenger John Accardo by siphoning as many votes away from him as possible.

Now, I pegged Ceretto for a winner against DelMonte when it was thought that she would be the Dem nominee, but with her vindictive actions, she is virtually ensuring a win for Ceretto. Nice job looking out for your party, Fran.

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