September 14, 2010

Primary Day Ruminations

Finally, Francine Says Something We Can Agree With

Words to remember today:

I’m the incumbent in this race, so the frustration is directed at me.”
Assemblyperson Francine DelMonte

Sometimes, a candidate is absolutely eloquent in summing up what an election is truly all about. We don’t think anything we can say could possibly top Francine DelMonte’s own words.

If you’re a Democrat, and agree with Francine, and want to direct your frustration at her, please do so. And, if you don’t know where to go to cast your primary ballot, feel free to call the good people at the Niagara County Board of Elections at 438-4041. We’re sure that they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Pissing on the Pansies

A friend who attended Carl Paladino’s heavily-attended get-out-the-vote rally in downtown Niagara Falls yesterday afternoon related an amusing anecdote.

It seems that the one-time dark horse likes to bring his dog Duke to campaign rallies. Well, when Duke arrived at Paladino’s Giacomo Hotel, he promptly strained at his leash and made his way into a bed of flowers, where he vacated a very full bladder.

According to our friend, several in attendance got a big kick out of this because they saw in it confirmation of the old saw about dogs coming to resemble their owners. As our friend put it, “When Carl Paladino gets to Albany, he’s going to piss on a lot of delicate flowers and little pansies that have been getting watered and fertilized a little too well by New York’s taxpayers for far too long.”

As with Francine, we really can’t improve upon our friend’s succinct eloquence.

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James T. Kirk said...

Nice graphic, Hobbes. Although my first thought was, "Why would Francine place her bet at OTB when the Seneca Niagara Casino is just down the road?"

But, then I remembered that most gambling establishments have rules against family of employees placing bets...