September 8, 2010

Primary Day Looms

With Primary Election Day less than a week away, we'd like to remind readers that our disdain for incumbents like Francine DelMonte is not driven by party affiliation, but by the repeated failures of legislators like DelMonte to act in the best interests of Niagara County. DelMonte is not alone. Useless piece of shit Antoine Thompson is just as bad.

These two Democrats don't care about Niagara County, and their voting records reflect this. They vote with New York City Democrats with painful regularity.

Fortunately, both have Democratic primaries; DelMonte with John Accardo and Thompshit with Rory Allen and Al Copolla. We can only hope, as unlikely as it is, that people will get the hell up off their collective asses and vote for a change.

If not, we can be rest assured that people like Kevin Parker, in the following video stating his sickening perception of Upstate, will remain in power.

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