September 7, 2010

Poolgate, Mongielo Style

We recently posted a Youtube video that's been floating around these parts showing former Town of Lockport Supervisor candidate Dave Mongielo's true character; a video in which he mocks the developmentally disabled members of our society. Before showing us what a true slime he is, as he did in the video, he made a name for himself breaking local zoning laws, then forced the town to spend thousands of dollars in taxpayer dollars defending those same laws because he believes that the laws don't apply to him.

Mongielo is to be sentenced on September 14th, which ironically, is Primary Election Day. You see, Mongielo is running for the Town of Lockport Republican Committee. In fact, he's found a few sheep along the way to run for the committee as well. Their goal is to take over the committee so when next year's elections come around, they can endorse Mongielo over incumbent Marc Smith. They obviously have a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to the endorsement process; local committees don't make endorsements, they make recommendations. The county committee makes the endorsement.

Be that as it may, the bottom line is that Mongielo is once again angling to run for town supervisor. But in addition to his multitude of other problems, Mongielo still thinks he's above the law.

It seems that earlier this year, Mongielo connected a hose to a town fire hydrant and proceeded to fill his pool with the illegal connection. While we don't have the exact numbers, sources have told Niagara Times that Mongielo tapped the town's water supply to the tune of about 22,000 gallons of water. Now, where I come from, stealing is stealing - there is no gray area.

The town, after having been made aware of the situation, billed Mongielo for the water in question. We've been told that although the town contemplated charges against Mongielo, they chose not to due to already pending legal action against him.

I'm not sure what qualifies someone to run for public office these days, but I sure know what disqualifies him. Laws of society, no matter how relevant or significant, exist for a reason. For anybody to disregard those laws, especially someone like Mongielo who likes to portray himself as some type of community advocate, is unacceptable.

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