September 21, 2010

An Open Letter to the Senecas, Tuscaroras, et al.:

If you’re going to plan a protest, actually hold one. Having a dozen and a half people standing around waving signs isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference. In fact, if David Paterson saw you (or more accurately, if his aides saw you and relayed what they saw to him) he probably went back to Albany laughing his ass off and vowing to push ahead with his insane scheme to tax you—and your customers.

Look, here at Niagara Times, we’re completely simpatico where your cigarette sales are concerned. We think you got a raw deal for a long time, and the least New York can do is leave your handful of smoke shops alone. I mean, the State of New York effectively stole your ancestral lands, and your birthright. That should count for something.

You should be mad as hell—madder than the average Paladino supporter, actually. You should be ready to march on Albany.

Instead, the Governor of the State of New York showed up in your own neck of the woods. I mean, you could have walked to the Yahoo data facility from the Tuscarora Reservation. And the best you could muster was a
dozen and a half protesters to greet David Paterson.

To make a very crude and no doubt politically-incorrect comparison, you looked like Custer and Reno out there. And that's a problem, because those of us who support you in this fight were expecting you to come on like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. (That's our non-PC way of saying you didn't exactly bring your "A" game.)

Please, for the sake of your efforts to beat back the Paterson Cigarette Tax, don’t do it again. Really. Unless you’re willing to commit some real numbers and make real nuisances of yourselves, don’t bother going this route, because you’ll just embarrass yourselves and make Albany go after something else we like to buy—like your cheap gas.

Unless you are committed to winning this fight, don’t bother showing up in the ring.

Sincerely Yours,


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Rocketboy said...

If I export something into Canada, I can be made to pay taxes.

If I import something from Canada, I can be made to pay taxes.

How is this different than what's going on in 'sovereign' territory? The Senacas are not being taxed. Instead, people who are not abiding by the intent of the treaty are.