September 22, 2010

No Love For DelMonte From County Dems

Thankfully, we don't anticipate too many more posts related to outgoing Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte. That is, at least, until she begins the next phase of her life at the New York Power Authority or some other state agency. As a side note, DelMonte has yet to concede, despite the fact that she has better odds of hitting the lottery, getting struck by lightning and finding Jimmy Hoffa's body all in the same day. This farce about waiting until the absentee ballots are counted is nothing but a charade. We say she never concedes.

Back to the next phase of DelMonte's life. While Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver and NYPA's chief blowhard Richie Kessel are busy figuring out where DelMonte will land, it seems that the local Dems are more than ready to kick DelMonte to the curb.

Sources within the Niagara County Democratic Party have told Niagara Times that the last two remaining Dems in the county, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster and Niagara County Legislature Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso, have been very quietly plotting together to abandon DelMonte and to make sure that any chance DelMonte may have of retaining her seat is destroyed.

In fact, Dyster and Virtuoso are secretly reaching out to members of the county Dem committee in an attempt to get the committee members to endorse (gasp!) John Accardo for State Assembly at their re-organizational meeting next week. This will no doubt come as a shock to DelMonte, as she has not announced publicly or privately what her intentions will be for the next six weeks. Considering the fact that she will remain on the ballot in November on the Working Families Party line, she may decide to press on. Dyster and Virtuoso are working behind her back to take away her choice.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling any sympathy whatsoever for DelMonte; she lost, deservedly so. But if this is what they believe is their road to retaining the seat, undermining the incumbent who will have plenty of support on November 2nd, they're dead wrong. At least have the common courtesy to be upfront with her. Unfortunately, that's not how the slimy Virtuoso and the politically-inept Dyster maneuver.

In the end, it all comes back to Niagara County Dem Chairman Dan Rivera. This whole scenario could be avoided if he showed one ounce of leadership. Unfortunately for the county Dems, he is nowhere to be found. Actually, he can be found - in Buffalo working on the campaign of Catherine Panepinto. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

New York State Assemblyman John Ceretto. Get used to it.


The Pro said...

What Dyster and Virtuoso are donig is typical politics. Hop onto the bandwagon of the person who won. If Accardo has any sense about him, he would tell them to go jump in the nearest lake. Accardo already ran a terrific primary campaign, I expect to see him do the same for the main election. He will easily defeat John "Mariarz's puppet" Cerreto for the State Assembly seat.

Dark Knight said...

I thought I heard people say both of Johns are close to Maziarz. Near as I can tell, the Senator already won and can let the chips fall where they may.