September 17, 2010

Friday Ruminations

They’re Just Not That into You

Local media seem to have missed one very important aspect of Francine DelMonte’s political implosion, and we must say that it’s an angle we’d love to see them report on more fully.

The indispensible
New York Sun reports that, on Tuesday night, only two members of the New York State Assembly actually lost their party’s nomination. Think about that. Only two. We’ve heard some members of the DelMonte camp—those not trying to lay the groundwork for a laughable legal challenge to a five-point blowout—dismissing Francine’s defeat as part of an anti-incumbent wave.

The problem is, Tea Partiers didn’t take Francine out. Her fellow Democrats did. The narrative offered by Francine’s supporters might have worked if her big defeat happened on election night. But it didn’t. No, Francine lost the support of the rank and file of her own party. And, except for her friend, the equally grating
Assemblywoman Ginny Fields from Long Island, no other member of the Assembly can say that.

And that’s got to sting.

Niagara Falls Scares Off Travel Channel Show

We have to confess to what has become a near-addiction for us when we’re channel surfing: the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. The show, which features the best belly-busting coronaries-on-a-plate in a given U.S. city, recently came to Niagara Falls. And, their advertising has been hyping the visit for weeks. So, when the episode premiered on Wednesday night, we were keyed up to watch.

We never thought we’d see Niagara Falls, N.Y., humiliated on an episode of a show actually devoted to them.

Understand, the whole show was supposed to be Niagara Falls. Instead, they
went to Grand Island, and then Lewiston, and then Niagara Falls, Ontario! (And mind you, they only ever go to U.S. cities.) To make matters worse, all of the exterior establishing shots for Niagara Falls showed either the waterfall, or the Ontario skyline.

Now, we’ve said it before, and we will repeat ourselves. The only redeeming thing about Niagara Falls, N.Y., is that it is home to the best Italian restaurants in Western New York. So, when host Adam Richman went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, to eat an Italian meal, it was even more humiliating.

We want this to completely sink in: On a show devoted to restaurants that are typically dives, on an episode titled “Niagara Falls,” where Italian food featured prominently—they never set foot in Dyster’s Dystopia. How pathetic has Niagara Falls become under Paul Dyster that they actually scared off the Travel Channel?

In Buffalo, Failure is Always an Option

First off, the header above is not a reference to
the Bills.

No, instead, we are referring to the absolute inability of city government to fire bad employees. Apparently, however, even an appointed department head who cost the city $2 million by continuing to pay for health insurance for long-dead city employees is entitled to full civil service protections. The grossly-incompetent Karl Thomas, Byron Brown’s totally-unqualified human resources commissioner—and former political ally—turned a hearing into her future with the city into a three-ring circus yesterday. And that hearing will continue well into October:

She even is requiring Byron Brown to sit through the tedious proceedings.

Think about that: the mayor of the City of Buffalo can’t fire an employee without tying up his own schedule for weeks. And then, in the end, his executive decision might be reversed.

No one can say WNY’s long history of unionization hasn’t had a lasting impact.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, GOP Political Ad Writer

You may have already heard it, but if you haven’t, the following is priceless. It’s audio of DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton shaking down a lobbyist for a contribution.

That a sitting member of Congress would do this is, of course, distasteful. But that she’d do it in a voicemail is laughable. Didn’t Watergate teach the crooks in Washington to not record their criminal activities?

Remember when Democrats were complaining about a Republican “culture of corruption” because Idaho Sen. Larry Craig had a wide stance in a bathroom stall?

The Three Stooges

Buffalo News columnist
Donn Esdmonde’s column today is a splendid piece of writing. He takes slimeball former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, creepy former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, and incompetent former State Comptroller H. Carl McCall to task for a “letter” they wrote blasting Western New York’s favorite son, Carl Paladino. Esmonde’s description of the trio as “the Three Stooges,” however, is what really set us to laughing this morning.

The truth is, especially with Koch and D’Amato, you can actually see them doing the whole routine: the eye-pokes, the nose-grabs, the ear-claps, the “Ooooh, a wiseguy…”

That being said, Moe, Larry, and Curley would never have written these words, because even they didn’t have D’Amato, Koch, and McCall’s gift for comedy: “
This state has a long history of electing highly qualified, forward-looking statewide candidates.

We’ll see you back here on Monday. In the meantime, it looks like it's going to be a good weekend to take take in the
Celtic Festival.

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Matt said...

While I agree that KARLA Thomas is completely inept and should be fired, some of your statements are wrong. First, Byron Brown has to be in attendance for the hearings since he is the one who makes the final decision on her termination after the hearing is complete. Also, this has nothing to do with unionization, as her position is a non-unionized 6-year appointment made by the mayor after a hiring committee recommendation. Of course Brown "persuaded" the committee that Thomas was the best candidate. This is more "quid pro quo" politics than unionization.