September 10, 2010

Friday Ruminations

The End of an Error

We’re positively thrilled that the County Legislature’s search committee charged with finding a replacement for County Manager Greg Lewis has performed the task it was charged with fulfilling. We, of course, maintain our usual position of detached disgust where Minority Leader Dennis F. Virtuoso is concerned: the sheer delusional madness that drives this petty tyrant from a dying city is simultaneously pathetic and sickening.

It seems that, in the end, Dennis Virtuoso would actively seek to destroy the county government, and the man charged with administering it, before he’d allow his ally Greg Lewis to depart the scene. Unfortunately, Virtuoso’s crybaby petulant child routine has real implications for this county in the future.

Of course, here at Niagara Times, we will shed a few tears for Lewis as well. The man had a real gift for comedy, and we were glad to provide him a forum for some of his best howlers. He will be missed.

All You Need is a Dollar and a Scheme

While we’re on the topic of the County Legislature, kudos to Majority Leader Rick Updegrove of Lockport. We happened to finally catch the Leg meeting the other night, and got a chuckle out of Updegrove’s skewering of the inept, and possibly corrupt, director of the New York State Lottery, a man named Gordon Medenica.

Updegrove had planned to introduce a resolution calling on Medenica to resign after a Dateline NBC piece exposed him aiding and abetting lottery clerk who were cheating winners out of tens of thousands of dollars. That seems reasonable to us.

But, apparently not to Dennis Virtuoso. Using a bizarre procedural move, Virtuoso prevented Updegrove’s resolution from coming to the floor—even after watching video of Dateline catching Medenica red-handed. Why would Virtuoso do such a thing? Well, this is pure speculation, but we’re guessing it’s because Dennis Virtuoso never met a corrupt or incompetent Democratic gubernatorial nominee he wouldn’t defend. (If Richie Kessel is reading this, yeah, we were talking about you.)

But don’t just take our word for it. We did a little searching around and found the video Updegrove showed Virtuoso. If you can watch this video and still think Gordon Medenica deserves to keep his job, then Dennis Virtuoso could use you in his caucus:

Toxic Treachery

Francine DelMonte’s road to re-election hit another stumbling block yesterday.

In short, Francine was caught talking with a forked tongue by Democrat challenger John Accardo. It seems that Francine has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from toxic waste dump CWM’s chief lobbyist—but she’s really, really against CWM!

So, how did Francine prove her green street cred? Well, she trotted out Nils Olsen, the pudgy UB law professor who has been feeding from the public trough for years, conning county taxpayers into paying his legal bills to (unsuccessfully) take on CWM. And, lo and behold, Olsen, who owes his whole existence to Francine, told every reporter who would listen, as well as Mark Scheer (who we stopped calling a “reporter” a long time ago) what a great Toxic Avenger Francine is, deep down.

So, if you’re listening kids, don’t follow the money. Listen to the people who Francine has personally enriched instead.

The Case Against Antoine Thompson

Here at Niagara Times, we pride ourselves in having done a pretty damn good job of making the case mentioned above. That being said, we’re rank amateurs next to John Duke. Duke writes a scathing piece in, of all places, ArtVoice (!). We won’t bother quoting from it; it’s so good, you’ll just want to read it all.

Trust us.

See you Monday.

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lewiston razor said...

Dennis Virtuoso? Is he still in the legislature? Wouldn't know it except for the fact that he stops in every two weeks to pick up his County paycheck, not to be confused with his City paycheck.

Tell us Dennis: Did you really screw the widow of your liquor store partner out of all that money? Did you really make "the big money" in the late 80's and early 90's by moving "material" from LasVegas to Buffalo? And is it true that the Feds are finally looking at you as a possible target due to the real estate empire you've built in Niagara Falls? Oh, and has Mrs. Dennis V. filed any new "slip and fall" lawsuits lately? How's your condo in Henderson, right outside LasVegas?