September 3, 2010

Friday Ruminations

Francine and Hobbes, By the Numbers

Francine DelMonte’s Facebook Friend Count: 393
David Klein's (aka Hobbes) Facebook Friend Count: 630

We knew Francine was unpopular, but...damn.

One Unqualified Community Organizer Down, One to Go…

We read with absolute delight that Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown had finally terminated incompetent Human Resources Commissioner Karla Thomas.

You may recall that Thomas managed to piss away $2 million, paying for benefits for 170 dead city employees—all while pulling down a sweet $91K a year.

We’re happy because Thomas' sole qualification for her job was—and here, we’ll quote the Buffalo News directly: “Thomas, 54, is longtime ally of Mayor Byron Brown who, until her appointment as commissioner, headed Grassroots, a political group that Brown helped build and that helped launch his career in elective office.”

Wow. An unqualified community organizer getting elected to high public office and surrounding himself with unqualified community organizers-turned-czars. Where have we heard that before?

Can You Hear Me Now?

We’re fast becoming fans of NT’s first-term Mayor Rob Ortt. He seems to view piggy public-sector unions with nearly the same level of disgust we do. And that’s saying something.

We have, in recent weeks, documented Ortt’s willingness to take on the unions’ public-trough feeding. But nothing we’ve discussed so far impresses the hell out of us the way Ortt’s actions to rein in taxpayer-funded cell phones used by city employees does. Apparently, when Ortt came to office eight months ago, he discovered the city was providing 51 city workers with free cell phones.

Yesterday, he announced plans to eliminate 34 of those lines, which he deemed “unjustified.” The cost savings are $3,000 per year, a drop in the bucket compared to the costs associated with the unions’ obscene prescription drug benefit. But it’s $3,000 that taxpayers earned, not bureaucrats.

Timeless Words

For those of you who were too young to watch Ronald Reagan being sworn in, and for those of you who just remember the moment fondly, here’s the high point of Reagan’s address—words that ring just as true today. And, we might point out, heading into an election that will reject Obamunism just as surely as it reaffirms Reagan’s view of the proper role of government:

Enjoy the Weekend

We’ll see you back here on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend—or whatever portion of it Hurricane Earl doesn’t drown.

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