August 18, 2010

Snake Oil Loses its Flavor

We are heartened by the news out of Williamsville and Sloan. We already commented in this space a few days back predicting that local huckster and snake oil salesman Kevin Gaughan was about to meet his Waterloo with his carpetbagging attempt to totally wipe two communities off the face of the earth, so we won't re-hash our previous comments.

We do want to offer our condolences to Buffalo News "reporter" Sandra Tan this morning, however. Sandy put all of her credibility on the line writing articles that amounted to little more than press releases for Gaughan and his little band of Gaughan Groupies. No doubt she can hear the snickering of her colleagues down at 1 News Plaza every time she turns her back this morning; those News employees who still deserve to be called "journalists" know a no-talent, partisan hack when they see one. Sorry, Sandy. Maybe you can find a shoulder to cry on over at Journo-List.

As to Gaughan, all we can say is: ha ha ha ha ha... Yes, we realize that pronouncement is a bit juvenile, but after spending months and months on your latest stunt (what Sandy Tan called a "crusade"), you lost by five-to-one ratios in both villages. So, for just a moment, we'll give in to the schadenfreude.

Still, Gaughan deserves a bit of credit for one accomplishment. Observers in both municipalities said turnout was higher than they could remember for any village election. Kevin Gaughan's legacy is that he brought a whole lot of people into the electoral process. Unfortunately for Kevin, they came out in force to reject him.

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