August 23, 2010

Money Well Spent

Western New York is blessed to have a visionary like Sen. Antoine Thompson representing us. It took us a little while to dig this video up from the archives, but you, Dear Readers, are worth it:
Yes, you saw correctly: Antoine Thompson and Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster last year, extolling the virtue of giving half a million taxpayer dollars to former drug dealers who have “turned their lives around," and are now “running programs to fight crime.”
So, what dividends is the Thompson-Dyster effort paying here in WNY, a year later?
Heckuva job, Antoine.


tomslick said...

You have reached a new low with this one. While I agree that Antoine must go, to exploit the deaths of these people is reprehensible. Also to attack and implicate that Rev. Seright has anything less than the good of the community at heart is a crime. It seems that whenever I think you cannot sink any lower, you show me that you can. Please take your lies and poison somewhere else and go back to being a solid issue oriented blog. Leave the venom to the Democrats.

Paladin said...

Tomslick, please. Our friend Hobbes hasn't exploited anyone's death. The truth is, this was a gang-war hit. A bunch of thugs got killed. Yes, some were probably innocent, but most were thugs.

Antoine Thompson has given a lot of money that people with jobs earned to people whose only unique qualification is that they, too, are thugs, or at least were thugs. And, it clearly failed.

The only thing that will change episodes like the City Grill Massacre is to lock criminals up and throw away the key. Antoine Thompson would rather give the money that good people earned to their former accomplices so that they can "counsel" them.

Now there's a winning strategy.

Rocketboy said...

Oh please Tomslick. The Buffalo News, rightly so, placed the violence in the context of a HISTORY of violence. This wasn't some random event, this was thugs acting as thugs. To ignore that the events at the City Grill were part of a larger culture of violence is appalling, and to try to paint it as anything but is nothing short of revisionist history. Sticking your head in the sand will not fix the problem. But by ignoring the root cause, you are in turn, endorsing the perpetuation of the root cause.