August 10, 2010

Lew-Port Continues to &^%(#@$ Embarrass

We’re going to, for the third time in less than a year, violate our longstanding rule against wading into the fever swamps of the Lewiston-Porter Central School District.


Because the antics of the Lew-Port crowd are just so damn funny, that’s why.
Where else would you get to read a newspaper headline like this?

Lew-Port Soccer Coach Made Up Tourette Claim: Sam Ricotta Lied to Refs, Opponents to Allow for Inappropriate Behavior of Player

That’s so impossibly awesome.

We don’t know Sam Ricotta. He’s probably a jerk. Heck, the first clue that he is, in fact, a jerk is that he coaches soccer, which, as most of our readers know, is a sport that annually helps countries like Uruguay, Portugal, and the Ivory Coast compete for bragging rights as the champions of the world. But, yet, we really want to thank him for giving us something to laugh about this morning.

That’s actually one of the most clever cheats in all time. No “hand of God” here. His players are just frothing-at-the-mouth, out-of-control nuts—and if you don’t like it, they have the Americans with Disabilities Act on their side.

We can’t help but think, however, that such lawless behavior and wanton lying by a Lew-Port teacher may be a reflection of the lawless behavior and wanton lying of the organization that represents those same teachers: the LPUT, or Lewiston-Porter United Teachers. Like a microscopic version of the Buffalo Teachers Federation and their odious union boss, Phil Rumore, the LPUT has spent the past decade and a half clouding issues in Lew-Port to ram through some of the highest teachers’ salaries in the county, along with a slush fund that is legendary—and likely to cause real problems for the district in coming budget years.

Or maybe it’s a reflection of the total lack of respect that the district’s teachers have for a wishy-washy school board that turned away $50,000 in free money from a large, local employer and taxpayer—all so it could advance the political agendas of two school board members.

So, while we really applaud Sam Ricotta for blatantly ripping off South Park, we can’t help but wonder if he is just a reflection of a broken system.

Anyway, fortunately for Ricotta, there are no more consequences for his actions than there were for Byron Brown’s shoplifting offspring. He has to give up the coaching job, but gets to keep his sweet gig in Niagara County’s most overpaid school district.

Here at Niagara Times, our hat’s off to you, Sir. Our &*#&%$%^ hat’s off to you.


Lewport said...

It's like one PR nightmare after another...
This from a school district that is ranked FIRST in Niagara County.
Could you imagine just how successful this school district would be if the leadership were better...
My money is on the Wilson School District for taking the top title next year. No crazy board members with a "cause célèbre". And they were smart enough to ask for the $50,000 when Lew-Port dropped the ball.

James T. Kirk said...

Not to quibble, Hobbes, but soccer is NOT a sport.