August 20, 2010

Friday Ruminations

Birthday Wishes from Buffalo’s Rocket Scientist

We are aware of the recent trend that has made the word “retarded” an offensive term that’s effectively off-limits. Given that particular restriction, we’re not sure we can continue to offer insightful posts about Sen. Antoine Thompson. Still, this news story, courtesy of WGRZ, is just too good to pass by:

Within your "allocation," huh? We just wish Antoine Thompson had received his allocation of brain cells. Now blow out the candles.

Lookin’ for Love in All the Wrong Places

News reaches us that Greg Lewis has gone from losing out to other candidates for county manager to losing out to None of the Above.

It seems that in Delaware County, Ohio, the search committee entrusted with finding a new county administrator there had (like so many, many, many other counties around this nation) named Lewis among their finalists. But, in this case, Lewis didn’t lose to the former manager of a village of 5,000, or to a former DOT employee, or any of the other assorted characters who’ve managed to put the puck in the net before him. No, in Delaware County’s case, the county commissioners were so distressed at the quality of candidates before them that they actually pulled the plug on everyone—Lewis included.

Losing to another candidate with a weaker resume is bad. But what does it say about Lewis as a candidate that a county would rather start their costly search process all over again than hire him? And what does it say about Dennis Virtuoso and Renae Kimble—the human resources geniuses who brought Lewis to Niagara County in the first place?

I Walked Through Bedford-Stuy Alone—But Not Pine Avenue

Niagara Times offers a tip of the hat to Niagara Falls Reporter editor Mike Hudson. Hudson delved into the real reason that the rap group Public Enemy recently shot a video in Niagara Falls: Dyster’s Dystopia has gone gangsta.

No, really. Apparently, the Falls is a much sleazier place than most New York City neighborhoods—the kind of place a thug with street cred would hang out. For Public Enemy, the boarded-up slums that make up so much of Niagara Falls below Hyde Park Boulevard presented the right kind of a backdrop to restore their image of being from the mean streets. So, congratulations Mayor Dyster. People are really taking notice of the changes taking place on your watch.

Just Fill the Cup

We are told that County Legislator John Ceretto—the Lewiston Republican many think is poised to end Francine DelMonte’s Reign of Error this November—will be introducing a resolution in the County Legislature Tuesday night calling on both chambers of the State Legislature to stop bottling up a bill authored by Sen. George D. Maziarz that would require welfare and Medicaid applicants to take a drug test to receive benefits. That Maziarz’s bill continues to languish in committee is a dark reflection on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the Senate’s bizarre triumvirate of Democratic leaders.

We’re also told that one Democratic county lawmaker has already expressed angry opposition to Ceretto’s resolution, and plans to try to throw up roadblocks to block the resolution’s passage.

As far as Niagara Times is concerned, they can’t start handing out Dixie cups to welfare applicants fast enough.

Talk Low, Talk Slow, and Don’t Say Too Much

A friend passed the following video onto us yesterday. It’s a reminder of the America we remember from our very early childhood, when giants still roamed the earth. John Wayne was an American original, and he truly loved this great country. We may never see the like of him again—a fact that makes us miss him all the more:

Until Monday—talk low, talk slow, and don’t say too much. It worked for the Duke.

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rob clark said...

Hobbes...........I love the post of John Wayne. Mr.America. The Duke was right on target with what he wanted for his daughter. If only parents nowadays were the same way. Most of the problems in todays world are due to lack of parental guidence.