August 13, 2010

Friday Ruminations

Dumb Quote of the Day

“He is 21 years old and he should be in school. Instead, in the last four or five months he has become well known to us. He is very well known to us.”

Niagara Falls Police Superintendent John Chella, speaking about Brandon “Bizz” Carter, a member of the Bloods gang, who was in Niagara County Court after a failed drive-by shooting.

“Should be in school”?!? Um, no, you silly little bureaucrat in a blue uniform, he should be in prison. There’s a subtle difference.

You Work for Them

We’re still scratching our heads about North Tonawanda. It seems that there, all rules of normalcy are suspended, and the various department heads in city government belong to a union. Everywhere else, of course, department heads serve at the pleasure of the sitting administration and can be fired at will. This is kind of important when an administration is trying to implement the policies that the voters gave them a mandate to implement.

But not in NT. There, with Mayor Rob Ortt facing an uphill battle undoing some creative budgeting by his predecessor,
the department head union is fighting him tooth and nail to protect a high-paying department head job, while Ortt is in talks to share the services of one man between NT and Lockport. It should be noted that similar proposals to share services with Niagara Falls were roundly endorsed by the same union—as those proposals didn’t eliminate any union jobs.

This is typical public sector union arroganceespecially at a time when the people paying the bills are facing record-high unemployment. We wish Ortt well, and will be following this story closely over the next several days. Stay tuned.

Fuzzy Math

The Buffalo News, perhaps the biggest cheerleader for faux populist Kevin Gaughan, is at it again with
another dishonest article by Sandra Tan, who has whored herself profusely to the carpetbagging failed politician from the Southtowns. Think of her as “Goebbels for the Gaughanites.”

This time, in a piece that is little more than propaganda for the News-Gaughan effort to dissolve the Village of Williamsville, we are breathlessly informed about a “$3,195 disparity” in the property taxes on two similar homes—one in the Village, and one in the Town of Amherst.

Only when we read further in Tan’s dishonest propaganda, though, do we learn this key fact: “Over the past decade, the Williamsville homeowner paid $3,195 more in taxes and fees for the privilege of living within the village's boundaries.”

Um, that works out to around $26 a month. And Tan only identifies the houses as having “similar value”—not identical assessments. Now, it’s been a while since we purchased Hobbes Manor, but we seem to recall being most concerned about our monthly payment and escrow, not how much more we’d pay in taxes over the next decade. But an article about a $26 difference doesn’t exactly sell newspapers, or get Sandy Tan front page billing, does it?

Calling this article objective would be like calling Sandra Tan a journalist. Neither statement is accurate.

Reliving Our Misspent Youth

Tonight, we’ll be heading into Lockport to enjoy that city’s Molson Canal Concert Series. We’re actually kind of excited about tonight’s concert: Tears for Fears. Yes, we realize they were like two-hit wonders. But all the same, this takes us back to the Decade of Reagan, Rubik’s Cubes, and Really Bad Hair.

Enjoy the video:

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lewiston razor said...

Gee Chief Chella, if this guy should be in school how about you as police chief of the city of Niagara Falls? Shouldn't you be - living - in Niagara Falls instead of Buffalo? I understand the falls does have a residency law. So that makes you a law breaker doesn't it?