July 30, 2010

"We All Are Making Sacrifices"

Buffalo’s font of wisdom, Sen. Antoine Thompson, is at it again. This time, he tells a reporter with Channel 4 that he understands the frustrations of local taxpayers because “We all are making sacrifices.” The video below is, as with all things Thompson, priceless.
It seems the Good Senator is bothered by his hectic work schedule, which includes “fundraisers” and “knocking on doors.”
Um, actually, Antoine, that’s not work. That’s electioneering. There IS a difference. Work is when you put in long hours and pass a budget on time. Electioneering is when you go to swank places like the Buffalo Chop House and the Saturn Club and people pay $5,000 a plate to buy influence with you.
It’s a subtle difference.
Equally enjoyable in the video, though, is Sen. Bill Stachowski, pouting. Apparently he learned his strategy for dealing with uncomfortable questions from the press by watching the interaction among teenage girls.
What’s sad, though, is that one of these two clowns will still have a job after November.

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