July 20, 2010

Racism Flourishes In Niagara Falls

Racism is racism, no matter how you slice it. There is no such thing as "reverse racism". If you dislike a group of people based upon the color of their skin, you're a racist. If you convene a group of people based solely on the color of their skin, you're a racist. If you defend someone solely based on the color of their skin, you're a racist, and that is exactly what we have in Niagara Falls with the case of Brian Borden, who was sentenced to 33 years in prison last week by Niagara County Court Judge Matt Murphy. A jury had found Borden guilty in January on seven of eight counts contained in an indictment stemming from the attack which involved a 31-year-old woman who was forced into an alley between 19th and 20th streets where she was sexually assaulted and robbed.

Bill Bradberry, President of the Niagara Falls chapter of the NAACP was present at the sentencing to lend support - for the defendant, who is black. The victim....let me say that again - the victim, who endured this horrific crime, is white.

Bradberry, who you may recall is the same person that Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte demanded by given a seat on the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency, stated, "We want people to have faith in the integrity of the judicial system. We want them to believe in it and believe that it works for everybody." In other words, according to Bradberry, the system failed Borden; he was wrongly convicted; he should be free to walk the streets.

What Bradberry doesn't want to talk about is the evidence. He doesn't want to talk about the video surveillance of the crime. Or the multiple eyewitnesses. Or the two separate DNA samples pulled from the victim, the first one from the saliva from the bite marks he left on the victim, or the second, which was semen, both of which positively matched the accused.

Nope, he wants to talk about the poor black man who was wrongly convicted by a jury of his peers, a decision that was reinforced by Judge Murphy. It's wrong, it's racist and it's disgusting. DelMonte must be very proud of her decision to force this racist onto the IDA.

Nevertheless, the District Attorney, the judge, the jury and society as a whole will be put on trial when this scumbag's lawyer appeals the decision. And his defense team will do everything within their power to portray Borden as the victim, just as Bradberry is doing.


lewiston razor said...

Yes, it's racist and it's shocking. Think about a few things here: Mr. Bradberry was a self proclaimed Black Panther from the sixties and a rabble rouser at Niagara University. He's proud of these facts. Mayor Dyster proudly told the media that he hangs a drawing of the infamous "Niagara Falls Six" on his mayor's office wall at city hall. Dyster and Bradberry "agree" that Niagara Falls is a racist den of iniquity that only they know how to fix. Bradberry lies and Dyster swears to the lie. So what we have here is an out of control moron - Bradberry - grandstanding and throwing racist bombs that we haven't seen since the sixties. Haven't we all moved beyond this sort of horse shit? One more thing: both Renae Kimble and Bill Bradberry are graduates of UB Law School. But neither of them were ever able to pass the NYS bar exam. And as for Dyster, he has a PhD from Johns Hopkins but could never get tenure when he taught at Catholic University in DC. Three geniuses that are all dressed up with no where to go so they play this ugly game of racial divide to make themselves look and sound important.

Megan Thomas said...

I just saw this blog now. I am the above mentioned female victim. I was both shocked and horrified when the naacp showed up at the sentencing. However, their grandstanding came to nothing. Mr.Borden is still facing another 30 plus years in prison. And that is exactly how things should be. Even after this much time has passed, it's nice to know others saw the injustice of the actions of Mr. Bradberry and others at the time.