July 26, 2010

Niagara Falls Picks the Taxpayers' Pockets

Here at Niagara Times, we’ve been pretty clear about where we stand with regard to the Cataract City: hitting it with a tactical nuke would be a minor improvement.
And so it was today, as we read in the Buffalo News that Niagara County taxpayers will be on the hook for a $150,000 contract for security at the infamous Trott Center, courtesy of our friend, departing County Manager Gregory D. Lewis.
It seems that Trott, which houses the county’s state-mandated methadone clinic (what reporter Tom Prohaska euphemistically calls a “Health Department clinic”) along with Probation Department offices, er, draws a less-than-desirable element:
Last year, a guard was stabbed in the hand, and there have been other physical attacks on employees and students in the building, said Robin DeVoe, deputy county public works commissioner for buildings and grounds.

DeVoe said other security measures include “16 cameras for the hallways [that rowdies] set on fire before.”

In 2007, a man with a gun got into the sexually transmitted disease clinic, although no one was hurt.

“It gets worse as time goes on,” DeVoe said.

County government, of course, doesn’t have a lot of choice here: they can pay for security now, or lawsuits from injured employees and citizens later. But it just warms the heart that a bunch of lowlifes who don’t pay taxes are, once again, increasing the costs to those of us who do.

Strangely, though, stories like this always seem to originate in Niagara Falls. I mean, you never hear about “rowdies” burning down government buildings in Lockport or Middleport. Heck, local drive-time DJs Shredd and Ragan devote considerable time to it every week over on 103.3 FM. Paul Dyster must be so proud…

You stay classy, Niagara Falls.

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I win said...

Why do you assume these people all live in NF? Granted they have their fair share of low life's and problems but why generalize a community? The people didn't ask for this, this is a result of our elected officials throughout time crapping on the rest of NF while catering to downtown poverty.

Point being, don't characterize a city for the inept leaders that have plagued our community. These low life's could have come from boardering communities like NT LP TN and Wheatfield as well