July 8, 2010

News Regurgitates USA Niagara Talking Points

I love the first line of this piece in yesterday's Buffalo News: USA Niagara, a development corporation dedicated to growth and renewal of the tourism industry in Niagara Falls, authorized two major funding agreements Tuesday to stimulate economic development here.

And so the death of good journalism continues. I mean, seriously, "a development corporation dedicated to growth and renewal of the tourism industry in Niagara Falls"? Says who, the press person for USA Niagara? It certainly wasn't written by anyone who's had any knowledge, experience or understanding of the role of USA Niagara in this community.

In fact, the only thing USA Niagara has been "dedicated" to is making godawful numbers of empty promises to develop property and ultimately failing miserably.

And Niagara USA Chairman and Chief Propaganda Minister Dennis Mullen has the audacity to stroll into town, offer up $55k, and proclaim Niagara Falls a "worldwide stage". No shit, genius - have you just come to the reality that the city draws 11 million visitors every year? Do us all a favor: save your rhetoric for someone who gives a shit or come to Niagara Falls with something substantive to help the city's economic development efforts.

As for Richard Baldwin, the writer of this puff piece straight out of USA Niagara's press office, try asking some hard questions of USA Niagara's Mullen next time he comes into town. Otherwise, don't waste our time.


lewiston razor said...

Pay attention people. Shawn Weber, owner of Wine on Third in Niagara Falls just received another massive grant from the State and City to rehab his most recent old building purchased on Third Street. Weber has received several grants and loans for his Wine Bar and for the building space right next to it. Until about six months ago he was a very vocal critic of Dyster and USA Niagara...well, guess what, he's no longer critical. This last large grant that was given to him this week has put him firmly in the camp of USA Niagara and City Hall. Hey, it's a mayor's election year next year and we can't have any mouthy business people talking trash, can we? Time for an investigation, folks!

The Avenger said...

Hobbes, it's funny that I thought the same exact thing when I read the paper. Nothing more than spoon-fed nonsense from USA Niagara reprinted by the News. The reporter should be ashamed of himself.