July 14, 2010

NCCC Faculty Union Fiddles while the County Burns

It was little surprise to anyone who follows county government that the County Legislature rejected Niagara County Community College's request for a $250,000 increase in county funds. Surely, the college needs the cash given state budget cuts, but the Legislature is also feeling the same pinch.

But the story behind the story is that while many legislators are sympathetic to the college needs, they are simply not going to hand over 10 cents more to the President Klyczek until the faculty union issues are settled and costs are reigned in. County Legislators will not support, for example, elective cosmetic plastic surgery with your tax dollars. It's wrong and everyone but the faculty union seems to know it.

While unemployment in the county hovers around 10 percent, the faculty union continues to act as if they are immune to the world around us and deserve huge raises while most of the taxpaying public is just thankful to have a job. Their benefit package cannot even be called the cadillac of plans....it's so far beyond that. It's a BMW on top of a Lexus on top of a Bentley compared to what most people have.

Someone forwarded me the faculty union newsletter a few months back and I was shocked by how much their heads are in the sand. There was a poem by one faculty member decrying their "mistreatment" that was insulting to every group in history who has actually had to fight injustice. When you're the highest paid faculty in the state and a contract settlement will only give you more while food banks are running empty because many ARE REALLY HURTING, you have clearly lost touch.

Greedy. Greedy. Greedy. And as more of this becomes public...and it will...the faculty union will learn just how angry the public is these days.


The Avenger said...

They still have cosmetic plastic surgery paid for on my dime? Unfriggin believable. How can these people sleep at night? They ask for more and more while their neighbors can barely make ends meet. Close the campus.

Dark Knight said...

I hope the contract is never settled It's about time someone sends a message to these fatcat unions that the gray train has come to an end. You can't keep bleeding all of us and expect us to take it. They don't even work fulltime hours.