July 21, 2010

"Kill The Cracker Babies"

By now you've most certainly heard about the voter intimidation case stemming from members of the New Black Panther Party standing armed with weapons outside of Philadelphia polling places in 2008 (if you haven't click the link & read the piece - it's worth the few minutes).

The case was subsequently dropped, but not because it did not have merit. It was dropped because the Obama administration demanded it be dropped.

Now, one of the two men who was stationed outside of the Philly polling place has been caught on video calling for the murder of "crackers" and "cracker babies". Can you for one second imagine what would happen if a white man took to the street with a megaphone calling for the murder of blacks and black babies? There would be arrests for civil rights violations. There would be riots. There would be hell to pay.

By the way, maybe someone from the local media could ask Bill Bradberry what he thinks of the below video. Nah, that's just wishful thinking - they would never ask such a question.

The video is about seven minutes, but you'll only need the first three.

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