July 13, 2010

Fraud Sentencing Unconscionable

Olga Casiano could have received 28 years in jail. Instead, she received probation. As described in this piece, which never actually says what she was convicted off, but it's surely Medicaid fraud, Casiano was convicted of falsely billing taxpayers to the tune of $33,000 for daycare services that she didn't actually provide.

This state has far and away the most expensive Medicaid program in the country, a tally that goes well into the billions to subsidize those who've found a life of entitlement at the public teet. In Niagara County, we spend $40 million on Medicaid. That is the single largest line item in the county's budget. Counties across the state have implemented programs to combat Medicaid fraud, including Niagara because much of the Medicaid cost is driven by fraud.

So how the hell does someone who's been convicted of committing fraud walk? More importantly, what kind of example is being set? I mean, if someone is engaged in illegal medicaid billings, what message was sent by this weak-kneed judge? If you bilk the taxpayers, you'll just have to pay the money back and you'll go free? Hell, why not let Bernie Madoff walk, he'd be more than happy to take that deal in exchange for restitution.

The bottom line is that once again we have a judge who is making a decision that is a million miles over his head, with no comprehension of the magnitude of his failure. Medicaid fraud costs the taxpayers of New York billions each year. Considering the fact that the cowards in the Democratic=controlled Assembly and Senate have no will to change the program, we could have least held out hope that costs might have been reduced with an aggressive anti-fraud effort. Unfortunately, State Supreme Court Justice M. William Boller killed that notion with one moronic sentence. And once again, you and I will get screwed. Nice work, judge.

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