July 27, 2010

Demler's Deception

There's been quite a bit of discussion in political circles, various news sites and in local blogs about the petitions for Republican committeemen in Wheatfield this past week.

Former Supervisor Tim Demler has been adamantly claiming that he did not have anything to do with the designating petitions for the Wheatfield GOP Committee, saying that they were filed by different people not all known to him. This is a good strategy for him considering that he has become virtual poison in Wheatfield - the more the people running for committee seats distance themselves from Demler, the better off they'll be. Unfortunately for Demler, the reality is that this is just another in his long list of lies that he has been telling since the people of Wheatfield rightly kicked him to the curb last November. He is very much in this attempt to take over the committee.

What we've found includes:

Ronald Hohle, who is named on the cover sheet of the nominating petitions as the contact person, is a close personal friend of Demler's. He is also named on the committee to fill vacancies. All of the petitions are the same color, size, and have the same three people named on their committees to fill vacancies. The petitions all have the same format and layout, all with room for 15 signatures. Dan Clark, who is named in the committee to fill vacancies, was shocked to learn that his name ended up on the petitions. Jeanette Schultz is also named on the committee to fill vacancies. Craig Schultz, her husband, had been Demler's right hand man for years while Demler was Supervisor.

On the Wheatfield Republican designating petitions, we have:

1. Robert Titus and Craig Schultz challenging Larry Helwig and Bruce Bowen. Schultz is a close friend of Demler's. Titus, when he agreed to be part of the coup, didn't know that he had been pitted against Helwig and Bowen.

2. Michelle Campbell, who Demler used to date, along with David Lee, who is also a close friend of Demler, are pitted against Bob O'Toole and Linda Ross. Lee didn't pass any of his own petitions, Demler did.

3. Jim Connell and Lisa Demler are challenging Ken Retzlaff and Art Kroening. Demler, Tim's daughter, passed all of these petitions with her father.

4. Matt and Julie Forcucci are running against Jim Heuer and Gilbert Doucet. Matt Forcucci is a good friend of Demler.

5. Marc Courtney and Tony Barone are challenging Mike Gurnett and Ken Berner. Courtney's petitions were passed by Craig Schultz, Brian Law and and Ronald Dworzanski, all friends of Demler. After the fact, Barone found out that Demler was unhappy to learn that Demler is behind this effort as he despises Demler.

6. Chuck and Donna Cederman are challenging Bob Cliffe and Walt Garrow. Cederman was the Town Historian under Demler and is now being sued by the town for not returning town camera equipment after his tenure with the town was terminated. Obviously he has an ax to grind. He is also a close friend of Demler.

7. John Petrozzi and Sharon Rosebrock are running against Art Gerbec and Patti Weiss. Petrozzi is a close friend of Demler, as is Rosebrock, wife of John Rosebrock and friend of Demler.

8. Jeffrey Rinaldo's petitions were passed by Ronald Dworzanski, a close friend of Demler's against Paul Greinert and Bill Besecker

9. Dworzanski and Marc Werth are running against Winston Moeller and Roger Lance.

10. Demler and Jay Topolski are challenging Bill Buerger and Karen McKernan. Demler did Topolski's petitions - Topolski did none.

11. Kevin Forcucci and John Rosebrock are running against Rich Crossley and Terry McIntyre. Forcucci is the son of Matt and Julie Forcucci, who we mentioned earlier are good friends of Demler's. John Rosebrock, whose wife is running in District Seven, is a close friend of Demler.

Add it up and it all comes back to one bitter person who can't stand the fact that he was legitimately beaten nearly a year ago: Tim Demler. Kudos to Supervisor Bob Cliffe for refusing to stoop to Demler's level. He has consistently stayed above the slime that Demler continues to spew, conducting the town's business in the gentlemanly way that epitomizes his personality. We can only hope that as more truth comes out about Demler, the people of Wheatfield will continue to see him for what he is, a manipulative loser with a Napoleon complex who can't stand the fact that he's no longer relevant.

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