July 9, 2010

Cutting Our Noses

With the news that Niagara County Manager Greg Lewis is on yet another job interview, we started thinking - in our desire to dump Lewis, including a countdown clock devoted solely to always remembering that it's only a matter of time before he's out of here, have we possibly impeded his job search and thus causing, in some part, his tenure in Niagara to be longer that it may have been of we didn't tee off on him on a regular basis?

After all, there have been a significant amount of posts devoted to the inept Lewis, very few of them picturing him a positive light. In this day and age, what employer wouldn't do a Google search of an employee for a hire of such magnitude? In fact, in doing the search "Greg Lewis Niagara County", Niagara Times blog posts begin as soon as the second page of search results. It doesn't get any better for Lewis after that.

So have we derailed our own efforts? Possibly, but it's still been damn fun. Good luck in Wisconsin, Greg! You can count on us for a great reference!

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