July 19, 2010

Castellani Compares Hobbes to Hitler, Christ

Those of you who've been with us for a year or more may remember a gentleman who would comment on our posts quite frequently by the name of Larry Castellani. Despite multiple warnings from me to keep his comments on point, he was never able to articulate his thoughts into a clear, concise manner. Instead, he directed his comments at some topic that had absolutely nothing to do with the day's post, and he would do it with as many words possible. So I deleted his comments - they were like white noise; they were there, but for all intents and purposes, they were just that - annoying bits of noise.

It seems Castellani has still not learned to present himself in a concise manner, and this time, his extensive loquaciousness is directed at none other than Niagara Times. Apparently Castellani, who is a teacher at Niagara County Community College, also has a blog, and his latest rant takes serious exception to our July 14th posted, titled NCCC Faculty Union Fiddles while the County Burns.

The truth is that we think NCCC is a fine two-year learning institution for the money. But the faculty, whose salaries average well into six figures, are living in a fantasy land. As we pointed out in the 7/14 post, they have a lavish benefit plan that includes elective cosmetic surgery, a luxury that has been given up by every other county union. This is in addition to their retirement packages, which also come on the back's of the taxpayers. But it's not enough - they want more, and they'll lie, cheat, misrepresent or utilize any other means possible to try to justify their misguided sense of entitlement. Castellani is the poster child for all of the above.

Included in his latest blog rant are the following gems:
  • The demagogic pseudo-political hitman over at the Niagara Times blogspot who calls himself “Hobbes,” is once again finding an excuse to assault the integrity of the NCCC Faculty Association.
  • The Association is not the problem in the negotiations with the college Administration.
  • While the Administration and its Board of Trustees supporters attack the faculty endlessly and mercilessly, they fail to see they are destroying the atmosphere of healthy learning at the college and the morale of all who work at the college.
  • The faculty has bent over backwards to accommodate the Administration but the Administration doesn’t really wish to settle.
  • The administration does not care about the quality of education let alone conditions for quality education.
  • It is the Administration and the Board of Trustees who waste the County’s money paying expensive lawyers to stonewall every attempt by the faculty association to reach reasonable agreement.
  • Hobbes continues his rabid, toxic and violent disinformation.
  • The Faculty Association agreed to a health package over a year ago that would have saved the County over a million dollars and the Administration refused.
  • They have an ulterior motive and they aim to carry it out even if the County goes bankrupt doing it. This is kind of like Hitler wanting to kill the Jews and extend his war to the entire world even though he would inevitably destroy Germany while trying to do it.
  • Hobbes belittles the faculty’s attempt to fight for what is just for itself.
  • Hobbes wants you to think we are taking food out of the mouths of the poor.
  • Hobbes is paid by the Republican Party in Niagara County not only to gain political and economic control for his big business friends but also to suppress every possibility of true democracy and meaningful quality education.
  • Hobbes has already written about what he thinks the community college is good for: job training to supply ready-made laborers for all his business buddies.
  • Hobbes and his ilk could care less about the people unless his big business friends can use them to make more money.
  • Such elitist administrative bureaucrats and their henchman such as Hobbes, who fears to show his face in public, are the death knell for Niagara County, the community college and the public sphere.
  • The only “greed” in Niagara County is the greed on the part of the likes of Hobbes and selfish business people who are greedy for power, the control of knowledge and information.
  • Yes, let’s make what’s really happening at NCCC public. Not Hobbes' vicious distortion of facts and truth, nor his selective dissemination of slanted “facts” that make him and his buddies look like Jesus Christ while making everyone else look like Judas.
The part comparing those who care about reigning in exorbitant taxpayer-subsidized salaries and benefit packages to Hitler is priceless. I mean, how fucked up does someone's mind have to work to compare contract negotiations at Niagara County Community College to someone who committed mass genocide on six million people? Of course, he does come back and compare me to Jesus Christ, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. It's a beautiful thing when the meds kick in.

The bottom line is that Castellani represents everything that is hated about public sector unions. He wants more, more, more and he doesn't care who he needs to degrade, insult, misrepresent, slur or offend to get it.

Castellani has become the Niagara County Community College Faculty Association's own little Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, disseminating massive amounts of lies in an attempt to justify his warped objective. The NCCC Faculty Association should be mortified at the things he is saying on their behalf. Unfortunately, they're not.

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James T. Kirk said...

Hobbes, don't feel bad about Castellani. A wise man once told me that the first side in a debate to compare his opponents to Hitler or the Nazis was losing the argument.

But, we all kinda knew who was winning and losing this one, didn't we?

BTW, if the elective cosmetic surgery includes "boob reduction" procedures, I vote that NCCC keep that benefit. Because they need to reduce their faculty by at least one boob, by the looks of it.