July 23, 2010

Al Qaeda Finally Gets a Spot on Obama’s Sh*t List

We realize at this stage in the political game that pointing out the Anointed One’s failings is kinda unfair. After all, he’s setting the stage for a historic collapse of the Democrat Party’s Congressional majorities that may even outdo Newt Gingrich’s 1994 Republican Revolution.

And yet, he still manages to vex us.

We recently read an article at the ABC News site that revealed Barack Hussein Obama was—at long last—concerned about Al Qaeda. (You may remember Al Qaeda: crazy sonsofbitches who fly planes into buildings, behead Jewish journalists, blow up embassies and ships, used to be the focus of the Global War on Terror before the Obama Administration eliminated that phrase from the government’s vocabulary, etc., etc.) Now, though, it seems AQ has committed a sin unforgivable in the Obama White House: their actions in Africa have convinced the president that they are racist.

Now, just a couple months ago, the Obama Administration announced it would no longer allow the use of the term “Islamic terrorists” to describe Al Qaeda and their cohorts. After all, we didn’t want to be too critical of the Religion of Peace.

Through it all, Barack Hussein Obama has been no friend of Israel. Right now, U.S.-Israel relations are strained because the Israelis actually enforced a naval blockade designed to keep weapons out of the hands of, er, well, Islamic terrorists. Anti-semitism was an Al Qaeda sin America could live with.

But now, well, now they’ve crossed the line! They bombed targets in Africa. Even Attorney General Eric Holder can see that such an act is racist.

This would all be comical if it wasn’t all so deadly serious.

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