June 8, 2010

Thompson's Unabashed Arrogance

Ya gotta love WGRZ. They are so relentless with their hounding of elected officials, it's often comical. But every so often, they catch lightning in a bottle.

Such was the case in the below video, when, while attempting to get some answers as to the status of the overdue budget, they tracked down Senator Antoine Thompson. The result is priceless.

Watch for yourself, but in a nutshell, Thompson adamantly refuses to answer any questions related to the budget, telling Ron Plants, "I have a press person, he's not here, funnel them (the questions about the budget) through my press person." And he drives away.

Look...no one is obligated to answer questions from a reporter, but frankly, I've never seen anything like it from a New York State Senator. If a situation occurs when they don't want to answer questions, they'll try to find some graceful way to extract themselves from the situation. Not Thompson. He flaunts his unabashed arrogance like no other. I mean seriously...the budget is over two months late, but Thompson doesn't believe that the the people that he allegedly represents in Albany don't deserve some answers? That is downright sickening.

Someone, somewhere please run against this guy - he is not worthy of his position.

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