June 4, 2010

Thompson Blindsides DelMonte

In the latest version of As NYPA Turns, we have New York State Senator Antoine Thompson doing an end-around on Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte.

Our saga begins with the fact that the Power Authority currently has two openings on their Board of Trustees. Over the years, Niagara County Legislator Renae Kimble has been one of the most vocal members of the legislature in calling for NYPA to name a resident of Niagara County to the Board. That's where things get interesting.

DelMonte despises Kimble, and vice versa, despite the fact that they're both Democrats. However, Thompson is close with Kimble, and he has been lobbying for her to get named to the NYPA Board. Apparently, he is having some success.

Kimble was in Albany last week, with Shirley Hamilton, meeting with Marty Mack from Governor David Paterson's office to discuss her appointment. Paterson is close to naming her to one of the two vacancies. And all of this is happening behind the back of DelMonte.

Needless to say, DelMonte will be none too happy to learn of these developments. Kimble has been a thorn in her side for years, and putting her in such a power position will not sit well. Regardless, Thompson is fully intent on getting Kimble on the Board.

How this shakes out remains to be seen. If nothing else, it will have the makings of the most dramatic of soap operas.


The Avenger said...

Assemblywoman DelMonte has every right to be angry. With the Democrats in control by all rights she should have the most influence over things that involve appointments from Niagara County. Thompson doesn't live here and only represents a fraction of the county. DelMonte should have the same influence that George Maziarz had when the GOP was in control but Thompson keeps undercutting her.

I hope Francine blows this up to send Thompson a message.

lewiston razor said...

If Francine thinks this is bad wait until Renae works really, really hard to get out the black vote for Accardo. As for Francine being upset, maybe she should call her good friend "Richie" Kessel and give him an ear full. Oh, I forgot, he could care less what good old Francine has to say about anything: Has anyone been watching as Kessel refuses to give Niagara County any money? He gave Brian Higgins and Buffalo 120 million, but zip for Francine and Niagara Falls! See 'ya later Francine, you're going to have to get a legitimate job or retire to that estate on Lower River Road. At the end of the day politics is still a man's game and acting like a man and talking like a man doesn't make you a man.