June 25, 2010

There Is Too Such a Thing As a Free Lunch.

News reaches us this morning that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has suspended the ability of welfare recipients in the Golden State to make cash withdrawals from their benefit cards at casino ATMs.
We are still shocked and confused by this news. We are regularly told, particularly by advocates for increased social spending, that people on welfare are good, honest people who truly need their benefits, and that those of us who look askance at them are “haters.” So, how could there possibly be any abuse in such a system? It just doesn’t compute.
(We could launch into a lengthy soliloquy about the various body odors emanating from the disheveled bums who have death-grips on the slot machine levers at the Seneca Niagara Casino, and offer our speculation on their source of income. But as that would be pure speculation, we’ll decline to offer our observations for now. After all, maybe they’re just hygiene-challenged urban professionals, right?)
We recall back in the 1990s Bill Clinton imploring the Republican-controlled Congress to, when addressing welfare, “mend it, don’t end it.” No, fucking end it.

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