June 16, 2010

Take The CWM Money And Run

I don't know what it is about Lewiston but they are definitely a different breed up there. The latest head scratcher for me is the vote by the Town Board and the expected vote by the Lew-Port School Board to refuse to accept any funds being offered by CWM...the company that owns the hazardous waste landfill.

This moronic decision is being done upon the advice of attorney Gary Abraham, who is paid for by Lewiston and Niagara County taxpayers but seems to take his marching order from Amy Witroyl and the other band of self-anointed, self-important community czars. We'll have more about Abraham and his sweetheart contract on your dime, but that's a story for another day.

Back to the point. The collective wisdom that Abraham has shared with town officials and the school board is that accepting this cash somehow negates the resolutions they've passed opposing CWM's expansion. We believe it's time to start another conversation on this expansion at some point (i.e. if Democrats control all levels of state government then why can't Francine and Antoine simply get them to say no expansion. The answer is because Dems in Albany will never close the Lewiston landfill and Francine, Antoine and Witroyl know it. But that's also for another day.)

Well, folks, here's what you do. You pass a resolution accepting the money and add a clause that says nothing in accepting this money should be construed to support CWM expansion or to negate the earlier position adopted by the board. Whamo, a few extra dollars for the community and no other issues.

Really, is this stuff that hard to figure out? In these tight times, is it wise to turn down free money? And who the hell told Gary Abraham to go to the school board? We've heard neither the town or county, so who is he answering to?

We are adding this issue to the things we watch very closely and are going to start exposing the hypocrites and liars involved in this issue. Consider that fair warning.

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Concerned said...

Who is this Amy Witroyl, and who does she work for. She always has her nose out of joint about something. Where does she reside and why does she spend so much time raising a never ending fuss?
She has had a lot of whiney letters printed in the Artvoice.